Forbidden Love (Janoskians fanfic)

She's an English girl, he's an Australian boy ... what could possibly go wrong?

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3. Chapter 3 - The English Class

Chapter 3 - The English Class

Everyone took their places and I sat at my desk as Mrs. Jones welcomed everyone back to the new school year and all the usual mumbo jumbo of the first day back.

I looked up at her and realised she was still talking so I tuned in just in time to hear her say,

"And over there is Kayla; she'll be with us every Monday morning to help you. She's a student, so has been where you are so feel free to ask her any questions"

I smiled at everyone making eye contact with Georgia, she pulls a funny face, I scan round the room and everyone's looking at me but one person in particular I can feel staring, I make quick eye contact with them beautiful brown eyes again and quickly look away. I sneak another look to see a smirk on his face.

Oh wow, I think to myself, this is going to be interesting.

I stood up and lean against my desk "okay guys I'm going to do a register since Mrs. Jones knows you all, just so I can put some faces to the names" I smile.

" Bethany






* I lock eyes with Mr. Chocolate eyes himself, I smiled briefly*

I finish calling the register and take a seat back at my desk. Mrs. Jones continues with the lesson and explains how they'd be reading Romeo and Juliet this term. She talks briefly about some questions she wants them to answer that she's put on the board and to copy them down too. I follow and take out my note book and copy them down too so I know more about the syllabus, she wants them to open their books and read to themselves. I also have a copy so I start reading till I hear the bell go to signal end of class.

I look up at the boy who I now knew was called Luke; he was looking right at me.

"Cya next week?" He mouthed.

I nodded. He gave a little wave as he walked out the door.

Georgia was packing her things up slowly so she was last in the classroom, Mrs. Jones had excused herself to the toilet.

"Kayla!" she squealed. "I think you've got an admirer already!"

Oh boy, this was going to be a long week.

~*~ Luke's POV ~*~

I was stood on the field with my twin brother Jai and friends Daniel (Skip) and James talking about what classes we had since we collected our timetables.

"Yes! Skip we've got English first period together" I said happily, we high fived each other.

"Guess we'll see each other on dinner?" James sighed as he didn't have any classes with us that morning.

The bell rang out signalling us to go to our first classes; I grabbed my bag and put it on my back.

"Race you Skip???" but I was already off. "CYA" I shouted to the others.

Room 5, here it is, I thought to myself as I panted. Skip caught up and we went in and found our desks, I turned and accidently hit something with my bag, oops. I hear an angry female foreign accent say

"Hey! Watch what you're doing please!"

I turn round and grab her by the arms to help her upright properly, "sorry" I say with an easy smile as I turn her to face me. Wow, I think, she's beautiful, is she a new student?

"I-It's okay" she stutters as she looks up at me, and then makes her way to the desk next to Mrs. Jones. She's a teacher?!

I can't stop looking at her; I can't focus on what Mrs. Jones is saying until I see her gesture towards the new mysterious girl,

"And over there is Kayla; she'll be with us every Monday morning to help you. She's a student, so has been where you are so feel free to ask her any questions"

She scans the room taking in all the faces until her eyes meet mine and I see a little blush form on her cheeks, I can't help but smirk and I see she looks back at me. This is going to be an interesting class.

She stands up and leans against her desk and says she's going to take the register so she can put names to faces. She calls "Luke" I mimick everyone else by saying "here" and we meet eyes across the class room and she smiles briefly at me. The smile makes her look cute.

She finishes the register and Mrs. Jones drones on about what we're going to do this term and I tune out as I think about the new student teacher Kayla. Wait till I tell Jai and James. I look over at Skip and he nods so I know exactly what he's thinking. Well, I saw her first.

The bell rings prompting the end of class, Kayla looks right at me

"Cya next week?" I mouth. Hoping it'll be sooner.

She nods her head and I give a quick gave as I walk out the classroom.

I think English is going to be my new favourite lesson.

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