Forbidden Love (Janoskians fanfic)

She's an English girl, he's an Australian boy ... what could possibly go wrong?

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14. Chapter 14 - Love Advice

Chapter 14 - Love Advice

It was Monday morning and I really didn't want to face the boys. Maybe I should phone in sick? I lay there till I hear Georgia moving about. I had to face this sooner or later so I pick my outfit out and head to the shower.

I got ready as usual except today I wasn't wearing my smile.

"You okay?" I heard Georgia say.

"I will be..." I look towards her.

"Hey, don't worry. Nobody seen you at the end of night it was pretty late, and I doubt the boys would be saying anything about it. Everyone cares about you, and it sounds like Luke still does too. Why else would he get his brother to come and get you? If he hated you as much as you said he looks like he does, he would have just left you there, but he didn't!" she comes and gives me a hug.

When I'd got home yesterday we'd sat and chatted about everything, I'd skyped my family and I'd felt a bit better. I didn't tell them fully about Luke, I'd left out the drama but just told them about the Janoskians and how everyone was so caring but after realising that I still had Georgia, Katie, Beau, Skip and James, everything looked a bit better.


As we left the car and headed into school, I noticed nobody was standing with each other. Georgia didn't want to stand with Luke OR Jai, Luke and Jai didn't want to be near each other, Skip wanted to be with Georgia and poor James looked so lost he was heading over to Katie and her year 11 friends. I told Georgia I'd see her in a few minutes in English class and waved and was walking in the direction of the door.

"Kayla! Kayla, wait up"

I turned round, "I don't want to talk to you Jai. Please leave me alone."

I'd made it to my desk and sat down just as the bell rang and everyone filed in.

Luke came in and he looked so broken and looked like he hadn't slept since Friday night. My heart was aching. We made quick eye contact before he takes a seat next to Macy.

I stand up,

"Good morning everyone, Mrs. Jones is running late but she's asked me to get you to answer this question in preparation for your mid way paper. You can discuss in pairs," my eyes flicker towards Luke and Macy, "or you can work on your own but it's nice to gain other people opinions. If you want to grab your pens and write this down ... 'Do the tragic events of the drama, as of human life, frequently result from mistakes, negligence, unforeseen or uncontrollable events?' Did everyone get that?" my voice cracks at the relevance of the question. I can feel Luke's eyes burning into me but I daren't look at him, I cannot break in here definitely not.

I walk round the room purposely walking towards Georgia "you okay?" she whispers.

I nod, maybe too enthusiastically, "I'm fine, honestly stop worrying"

"Luke's looking over" she whispers.

I get butterflies in my stomach.

I shrug "let him look all he wants, he didn't care yesterday."

Skip gives me a half smile.

"It'll work out" he says sympathetically.

"It won't but it's fine. Sorry for messing everything up" I sigh.

"You haven't. Luke's a dick for saying that! Georgia told me what he said, what an absolute dick. He just gets angry and then can't control it"

I look at Georgia, "sorry" she mouths.

I wander round making sure to avoid Luke until the bell rings and everyone makes their way to their next lesson.


I made it through the rest of the week without any confrontations with Luke and Jai, no-one was talking much but it meant I'd been able to crack on with some Uni work and got quite a lot done as was now ahead of where I needed to be. It was nearing the end of yet another English lesson a Friday but it meant I was now off till Monday. The bell rang and everyone ran off to dinner everyone had left including Mrs. Jones whilst I wrote up some quick notes before they left my head when there was a knock on the door.

"Come in" I shout.

"Kayla ... c-can I talk to you?"

Well I didn't expect this...

"Sure Macy, take a seat, what's up?"

"Is what I tell you in confidence?" Macy blushes.

"Yeah of course babe, as long as it's not harmful to anyone or yourself?" I ask.

"Oh no nothing like that! I just...need some help. Please."

"Oh right, okay?"

"You see, I like this boy! I've liked him for a while but I'm not sure if he likes me?" she frowns.

"So you need me to help you find out if he likes you? Why don't you ask him to hang out with you or something? A pretty girl like you won't have any trouble!" I smile enthusiastically.

Macy was very pretty! She had her hair in that ombre style from strawberry blonde to blonde, normal height, lovely figure and from what I'd seen and heard nobody had a bad word to say about her!

"Hang where? What if he doesn't think I'm pretty though? I'm not as pretty as you!" she cries.

"What have I got to do with this? Every boy has a different idea of what they think are pretty so someone who thinks you're beautiful might think I'm awful! Everyone's different! But I genuinely believe that everyone can be beautiful! So just invite him out either in a group or to the cinema or anything, because if he likes you back he would accept the invite no matter where it's too! Or if you're too shy then add him on facebook and message him on there and become friends first?"

"That's so good, thank you Kayla!" she gets up and gives me a quick hug.

As she's walking out, I call over,

"So, who's the lucky boy?"

She opens the door and turns to look at me and smiles,

"Luke Brooks"

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