Forbidden Love (Janoskians fanfic)

She's an English girl, he's an Australian boy ... what could possibly go wrong?

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13. Chapter 13 - The Woods

Chapter 13 - The Woods

I woke up, my head banging and mouth like Ghandi's flip flop and everything that happened last night came flooding back.

The tears flowed freely down my cheeks at how messed up things were.

I remember opening my eyes and seeing Luke at the top of the stairs, but it couldn't be I was kissing Luke, wasn't I?! Then I'd seen that freckle and realised the stupid, stupid mistake I'd made. I mean I loved Jai to pieces but making both boys be my friend for the last couple of weeks, I'd grown to love Luke ... as more than a friend.

Luke had looked at me like I was a piece of shit on his shoe before he'd run off down the stairs.

"Sorry princess, but no-one tells Jai Brooks that they only want to be his friend!" he smirks.

I looked at him with tears in my eyes and practically spat the words "I hate you" before I took my heels off and ran down the stairs after Luke. I ran out to where we had all been sat everyone one was there but Luke. Everything was blurry as I fell into Beau's arms and Katie shouts "What happened?!"

I couldn't speak, I couldn't hear, I couldn't see.

After that I just remember being bundled into Beau's car with Georgia stroking my hair telling me it would be okay. Well it wouldn't because I could see the hate in Luke's eyes and I hated Jai so much for what he'd done.

I heard a knock on the door and Georgia's voice saying "can I come in?"

"Yeah" I croak.

As soon as she comes in and sees me she runs and hugs me to her.

"What happened? Babe, please tell me. Everyone was so worried about you last night and then Luke went missing so Beau went to find Jai and they came back to the car. Beau had asked Jai if he knew what was going on. They had a discussion and then Beau punched Jai in the face and get in the car and drove off leaving Jai behind" she fills me in on everything I don't remember, it makes me cry harder.

I manage to stop crying and tell her the story and she shakes with anger,

"Who the hell does Jai think he is?! Just wait till I see him! Oh babe, it'll be okay, I'll speak to Luke"

"No please don't. I tried to call him and he declined me. The rejection hurts so much. I shouldn't of drunk so much, I'm so stupid, why didn't I just tell them apart?! Then I wouldn't be in this stupid mess" I cry again.

"It is NOT your fault! It's stupid Jai's fault! They shouldn't have dressed alike as well. I wouldn't worry about it, it'll blow over like last time." She forges a smile.

"I don't think this will." I say getting out of bed and taking some pain killers. I got changed into my running gear and put my hair up in a scruffy bun.

"Want me to come with?" Georgia asks whilst starfishing in my bed.

I shake my head "I want to run and be alone" I smile weakly.


I put my music in on shuffle and set off. I know exactly where I'm going in hope that someone else is there too.

I reach the park and head further in seeking out the familiar cave in the woods that me and Luke had come frequently the last few weeks.

"Hey" I say breathlessly to the figure sat in the cave.

He looks towards me and looks away again.

I walk nearer and crouch down opposite him.

"I know I look like shit Luke but you don't need to ignore me, we need to talk." I try and joke even though that's the one emotion I'm definitely not feeling.

His jaw tenses and he just sits there.

"Okay I'll start ... I'm so so sorry Luke!" I move forward taking his hand in mine, he snatches it back, ouch okay that hurts "I was so drunk, I know that isn't an excuse but it's the truth. You know I struggle to tell you apart and when I came out the toilet, Jai took me by surprise. But I did honestly think it was you! You have to believe me! We've been getting on so well these past few weeks and getting closer and I really, really like you which is why I didn't pull away from the kiss. Please Luke you have to talk to me!" now I'm sobbing them horrible big cries where you know you look absolutely awful but there's nothing to do to stop it, I could literally feel my heart breaking as the silence grew awkward.

"No Kayla, I don't have to do anything. You know how much I liked you, I know you did because everyone told you what I was like before but you still chose to ignore it. You flirted with my twin brother in front of me and then I walk up and see you kissing him when I was coming to check you were okay. How far would it of gone if I was there? You feel guilty because you got caught not because I seen you!" he's moved his face closer to mine and he's shouting at me, and then chocolate eyes aren't beautiful anymore because they are full of hate and rage, "I want life to go back to how it was before you were here, you are nothing but an absolute fucking slag and I wish you just went back to England" he says getting up and walking out into the woods.

"No please, Luke take that back! You don't mean it, I know you don't, please. Luke!" I shout as I walk after him but he's broken into a run and I can no longer see him.

I fall to my knees and just sob.

How could it of come to this?

I don't know how long I'm knelt there for but the tears have long dried up and I just lie here thinking of the past few weeks.


Beau's POV

"Kayla, Kayla, where are you?" as I run through the woods. I see her body lying lifeless on the floor. "Kayla!" I shake her and her eyes flutter open,

"Beau? How did you know I was here?" she asks in a small voice. God, she look awful, but still beautiful.

"It doesn't matter, let's just get you home." I say as I pull her up to standing and put my arm around her waist. "Are you okay to walk to my car?"

"It's not my legs that are broken, just my heart" she says sadly.

I think my heart break a little as well.

I knew exactly what had gone on. When I'd seen her come out of Aaron's house crying, I knew it had something to do with my brothers. Once I'd got the girls in the car I'd gone to find Jai as Luke had gone AWOL and he'd told me what had happened. What a cunt! I'd punched him in the face and drove the girls' home. Luke hadn't come home all night and I was worried! I'd received a text from Luke about 15 minutes ago saying "I'm fine, don't text me back but go to the woods at the park and see if Kayla's there, see if she's okay" we all knew he had a spot at the woods he liked to think at and she'd probably gone to see him there. I really felt for her at the moment as I helped her into my car.

"I'm here if you want to talk?" I smile.

She shakes her head and gives a small smile.

"Thank but no thanks"

We arrive at her house, "want to come in?"

I shake my head, she's only asking out of politeness and plus she looks like she wants to be on her own.

I have two heads to go and smash together.

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