Forbidden Love (Janoskians fanfic)

She's an English girl, he's an Australian boy ... what could possibly go wrong?

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12. Chapter 12 - Halloween Party

Chapter 12 - Halloween Party

We'd been at school about 6 weeks, nearing the end of October and all the drama had stopped, for now. I was loving being at Penola, enjoyed every lesson and everyone was getting on so well. I was spending most of my free time with Georgia and the boys and we all were having a laugh. I was really good friends with Jai but I spent more time with Luke. Jai had gone back to his player ways which I didn't mind because he knew I was always there to talk to and he confided in me a lot.

There was definitely something about Luke, he was just so loving and caring and give me them goodnight/good morning texts and I did get butterflies whenever I saw him or he touched me but I couldn't risk my career. He was only in school till June, if anything was going to happen it could wait till then.

Beau was just Beau. I could see where Jai got his ways from! He was the oldest out of the Janoskians and had left school. He was taking a gap year before he was deciding what to do with his life which I could understand.

James had got a new girlfriend, she was called Katie and was in Year 11 at Penola, I was in her Science class, she was a lovely girl and beautiful, she had red/brown hair, green eyes, lovely figure ... James was smitten!

And Skip .... well he and Georgia were as loved up as ever! I loved it! I'd already dibbed being chief bridesmaid and godmother to their children as a thank you for setting them up!

Them being together meant I had to spend more time away from Georgia which mean more time with Luke as everyone else was so busy.

My phone beeped and I leant over to grab it after putting my last roller in;

From: Gillie

Have a good party tonight! Send me a pic of your outfit and we definitely need to meet soon! x

Gillie was a girl I'd met online on a facebook group for English people travelling to Australia. She'd moved into a host house in Southbank which was only about 20 minutes from me. I'd been speaking to her since before I left home and texted all the time, we just hadn't got round to meeting yet. She's also come over for University but she was there doing performing arts.

I text her back quickly

'Thank you! Hope you have a good night. Will text you a pic when I'm ready and YES! This needs to happen! x'

The party she was talking about was one of the boys friends Aaron was hosting a fancy dress Halloween party, me and Georgia were going as typical witches but we'd bought matching outfits, mine in purple and hers in green. If I do say so myself we looked AMAZING! I just had heated rollers in my hair to curl the ends and we were ready!

My phone beeped again,

From: Beau

Just leaving ours and stopping by the shop, be at yours in 10 x

"Georgia, they will be here in 10" I shouted through whilst unravelling my hair.

Beau was designated driver as he'd drank heavily last night so was more than happy to take us. He had me, Georgia, Luke and Jai and James, Skip and Katie were meeting us there. I was so excited, I hadn't let my hair down this much so tonight I was going to have fun!

We'd taken a few selfies when I heard the beeping from outside. We headed out slowly as I'd taken to wearing massive high heels and Georgia had copied wearing my other similar ones. I bet she was glad we were practically the same size in everything! I didn't mind though, I loved it! It was like the little sister I didn't have!

"You two, look amazing!" Jai said as he got out the car. "Kayla you're in the middle!"

I managed to somehow climb into the car with my dignity still intact as my skirt was short and sidled up next to Luke.

"Hey gorgeous" he said.

"Hey back at you!" I grinned.

Jai got in and Georgia got in the front next to Beau.

Luke and Jai were dressed as Frankenstein's monsters and Beau was dressed as the clown guy out of Saw just without the mask, which was currently hung on the back of the chair. I took selfies of me and Luke, of me and Jai and of me, Luke and Jai until we arrived at Aaron's house.

When we arrived there were already tons of people there and music was going full blast. Luke grabbed my hand as we walked in, I squeezed it gratefully. We found Skip, James and Katie easily and Luke grabbed a chair and sat down and dragged me onto his knee. I was grateful, these heels were not appropriate for a party like this.

James was dressed as pirate, Katie as a dead school girl and Skip .. oh Skip, he was dressed as Superman with blood on his face!

The drinks were flowing and the music was blaring and everyone was generally having a good time. I'd been introduced to so many people and I'd chatted to everyone, they were all so friendly!

Aaron had decorated amazingly! He apparently held one every year and they got better and better. Everywhere you look there's spiders and cobwebs, skeletons, mummys. He also had lots of different games going on like bobbing for apples and drinking games. But we were all just sat together having a laugh.

Katie was funny, I'd always liked her but tonight with a bit of drink, her inner comedian had come out. James kept looking at her like she might vanish anytime soon which was so cute!

"Let's dance!" she squealed.

I nodded and grabbed Georgia


We all stood not far from where the boys were and danced along to Usher - OMG.

"I fell in love with shawty when I seen her on the dance floor

She was dancing sexy, pop, pop, popping, dropping, dropping low

Never ever has a lady hit me on the first sight

This was something special; this was just like dynamite

Honey got a booty like pow, pow, pow

Honey got some boobies like wow, oh wow

Girl you know I'm loving your, loving your style

Check, check, check, check, check, checking you out like

Ooh (oooh) she got it all...

Sexy from her head to the toe

And I want it all, and all, and all

Baby let me love you downnn

There's so many ways to love ya

Baby I can break you downnn

There's so many ways to love ya

Got me like, oh my gosh I'm so in love

I found you finally, you make me wanna say

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,

Oh my gosh"

I was literally loving life right now. I was here with my bestest friends, in a country I loved, doing my dream job and I was very, VERY drunk! My life was currently perfect.

"KAYLA" Luke shouted.

I looked towards him and he was motioning for me and the girls to get together so we posed properly and then did some funny ones. He came over and took one of him kissing my cheek and one of me kissing his cheek. I really did like him ... so much. I just had to wait till June and it would be fine!

"Be right back" I smiled. "Just nipping to the toilet"

I found my way to the toilet, did what I needed to do and went to wash my hands looking in the mirror. I put on a bit of lip gloss, and corrected my hair. Being alone I realised how drunk I was, like it suddenly hit me. I giggled to myself as I unlock the door.

"Hey" a familiar voice says.

I jump a little and turn my head and look into those chocolate eyes.

"Hey! You made me jump! I told you I'd be right back" I giggle.

"The thing is, I can't wait Kayla. I've tried so hard and I just want you!"

Before I can reply, he pushes me back against the wall, hands on my hips. He lands them soft lips on mine, growing more urgently the kiss gets more passionate, gently massaging my tongue with his, he nips my swollen bottom lip and he trails kisses down my neck, he sucks gently on my neck, marking me. A moan escapes my lips as I throw my head back with the drink heightening all the sensations. He kisses down my shoulder blade as I prise my eyes open to see another Frankenstein standing at the top of the stairs.

Shit....... what?

I push him off of me and see that freckle under the eye.


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