Forbidden Love (Janoskians fanfic)

She's an English girl, he's an Australian boy ... what could possibly go wrong?

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11. Chapter 11 - Everyone's Finally Friends

Chapter 11 - Everyones Finally Friends

Lukes POV

I was the winner. I wasn't surprised; I always won at stuff like this! The boys were absolute wussies but what made it better was Kayla cheering for me behind the camera.

"Well done" she shouts and threw her arms round my neck.

"Thanks!" I put my arms round her waist, head buried in her hair, she smelt good!

My phone vibrated in my pocket.

From: Mum

Afta filmin brng ev1 bk2rs, made pizza! Mum x

My mum wrote in more slang that I do!

"Everyone back to our house for pizza! Mum just text me!" I shout looking down at Kayla, "Coming?"

She looks over at Georgia and Georgia nods, she looks back at me "Yep okay then."

Teddy says he can't come and goes home, so the rest of us walk back to mine and sit in the back garden, me and Jai walk into the house to get the pizzas.

"So which one is she then?" my mum asks.

Me and Jai point her out.

"Well I can see why two of my boys are in disagreement, but if you carry on you're both going to lose her interest. Maybe just do as she asks and be her friend? You said she's recently moved from England, being a friend is going to be the biggest help of all to her if she only knows Georgia. She's here for her teaching, so keep that in mind and I'm sure it will all work out in the end"

Yes, okay, I'd told my mum. But I'd been fighting with Jai; I'd had to speak to someone. She didn't sometimes give half good advice and I was grateful.

Jai and I head out with plates of pizza and we all tuck in.

"So did you enjoy watching us today girls?" says James with a mouthful of pizza.

Kayla nods enthusiastically whilst chewing and Georgia does the same.

"It's better when we're moving around so we'll do one of them next time! But we got a request to do this one!"

"People request for you to do stuff? You have a fan base?" Kayla laughs.

"Yeah, it's getting bigger but we're getting there. We've all got like 20,000 followers on twitter too! Do you have twitter?" James asks.

She nods.

We all get our phones out and type it in @michaelaxo and Georgia says hers is @georgieporgie and follow them and they follow us all.

We all then sit on twitter for a good 20 minutes before any conversation happens.

'Had a good day filming with @rantingteddy, @jaibrooks1 @brooksbeau @danielsahyounie @james_yammouni and 2 special guests @michaelaxo and @georgieporgie :)"

Then this tweet appears,

'@georgieporgie will you be my girlfriend ;)'

I hear Kayla say "Skip you're lame, that's the most unromantic way ever! Say no Georgia!"

He blushes and looks over at Georgia "So will you be my girlfriend?"

She nods and then they both kiss.

"VOM" Kayla laughs.


"VOM" I laugh.

I lie on the grass trying to catch the sun with my head on Luke's lap.

"So James ... I heard you were a fantastic tree!" Jai snorts and we all join in with the laughter.

"Shut up!" James laughs, "you know how drama works!"

"You lot definitely know drama!" I chip in.

"Have you enjoyed your first week at Penola then Kayla?" Beau asks.

"Errrrmmmmm, if you call getting flattened by Jai twice, having Luke scare the living shit out of me, making two brothers fight over me, have to explain myself to the principle and getting a hate note from Jai's cast off enjoyable, then yeah it's been amazing!" everyone laughs but Jai's face darkens.

"What cast off?"

"Alyssandra, after you made that remark about rough sex in Music and sang bloody Bruno Mars to me, she started spreading round the school that it had actually happened. She left me a note saying to get away from you and then I walked past her and her and her little friends decided to try and bully me but I just told her where to go basically. No biggie!"

"Absolute phsyco!" he said getting his phone out and typing furiously.

"So Beau, yeah I've loved it" I laugh.

Georgia - @hoodswifi

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