Forbidden Love (Janoskians fanfic)

She's an English girl, he's an Australian boy ... what could possibly go wrong?

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10. Chapter 10 - DareSundays

Chapter 10 - DareSundays

I woke up naturally on Saturday morning. It was bliss that my alarm hadn't been set. I look at my phone. 9.00 am, okay so not much of a lie in but I felt refreshed. I noticed I had a text so I opened it up.

From: Georgia

You awake? :-) x

I tapped out a quick reply of 'yeah, come in?' and I heard her get out of bed and pad through to my room. She slid into bed next to me.

"How you feeling?" she gives me a sympathetic smile.

"Okay" I smile back "I hate the fact they're fighting over me. I've done nothing what so ever and I've only known them like 6 days, how has this happened?"

"It's really weird, but we're still going to see them today aren't we? They invited us to film with them."

"Yeah I suppose, are Luke and Jai even talking though? I just hope it isn't awkward" I groan.

"I'll text Skip. Kayla .... What happened on Thursday evening?" she looks at me, a worried look on her face.

I look away "I swear, don't tell anyone." She shakes her head. "One minute me and Luke were joking around, the next minute he gets all serious and pulls me to him and tries to kiss me. His lips touched mine and I pushed him away. I'm so embarrassed! I could get in trouble for this. But I kinda wanted it to happen. The fact I pushed him away it the embarrassing thing, how did I let it get that far? He looked so rejected but I told him I just wanted to be friends, because anything else complicates everything. He moved away from me and just didn't speak to me for the rest of the night." I can feel tears brimming in my eyes.

"Oh Kayla, don't be so silly. You told him you just wanted to be friends, there's nothing else you could have done! He's an idiot for trying it on with you but it explains the fight yesterday. From what James said they've probably already made up! Why don't you drop him a text? You've got his number on that little love note he sent you" she giggles at the last bit.

I groan but lean over as much as possible without getting out of bed because I generally couldn't be bothered moving and find the note crumpled at the bottom of my bag.

'Hey. Are you still filming today? Jai said the other day we could tag along? It looks like heaps of fun and just checking you're still doing it? Kayla x'


Oh my god. I've never been so nervous sending a text before! Reading it back I groan. Why did I have to mention Jai? Who says heaps anymore? Christ I was texting like an illiterate idiot.

My phone beeped and I looked at Georgia.

From: Luke :-)

Hey, yeah we made up. We had to! We couldn't handle not talking to you. Sorry about yesterday. Sorry about Thursday evening too. Please can we forget it? Friends? :-) x

"See it's going to be alright" Georgia smiles as she read over my shoulder.

'Count it forgotten, friends sounds good to me! When and where should we meet you? x"

I get out of bed and start to choose some clothes; I choose denim shorts, white sleeveless shirt and my white converse. Luckily, my necks stopped hurting and my bruises are fading. I have a quick shower and get changed into my outfit whilst Georgia's goes to her room and gets changed. I loosely curl my hair and put my make up on and check my phone,

From: Luke

Meet us at 10.30am behind the garages on Seymour Road, Georgia should know where it is :-) see you then x

It was 10am, so I let Georgia know and head downstairs for breakfast, I could smell Rose cooking bacon butty's, my fave!


We got to the garages just after 10.30am and the boys barring James were already there.

"KAYLA" Jai shouts and runs up to me, he grabs me by the hips and swings me round. I brace myself for myself to get hurt and get loaded with even more bruises, but I feel the ground beneath my feet, "see I told you I wouldn't hurt you princess!"

Luke's watching from the otherside of the yard, so I walk over to him and embrace him in a hug.

"Hey" I smile as I wrap my arms around his neck.

"Hi!" he smiles back.

I look round and Georgia's already attached to Skip's side laughing about something.

"So you're the infamous Kayla! I see what my brothers are fighting about!" I turn round and see two bright green eyes. What was it with this family and eyes?

"Hi Beau" I smile.

"English accent... Beau likey likey!" he smirks.

"Please spare me, I can't have a 3rd brother arguing over me" I joke.

He laughs.

I go over to the grassy patch and sit down, the others follow.

"I'm excited to see you in action today boys! George showed me a couple of your videos, they're hilarious! What are you filming today?" I smile saying to no-one in particular.

Beau jumps in first "We're waiting for James and Teddy to arrive and then we're doing the Mouse Trap Challenge! And nice bruise by the way!"

"Thank your brother" I raise my eyebrow "and who's Teddy? I thought there were only the 5 of you?"

"He's another YouTuber and we collab with him for a YouTube channel we have called DareSundays" Beau explains.

"ALRIGHT CUNTS" James shouts from across the other side whilst running over towards us followed by a guy who I presume is Teddy.

I smile over and Teddy scans me and Georgia. "Who are these two lovely ladies then?"

"That's Georgia, she's with Skip and Kayla goes to school with the boys ... as their teacher!" Beau bursts out laughing.

"Maybe you could give me a lesson or two Miss. Kayla" Teddy winks.

"Don't go there Teddy" Beau interrupts before either of the twins can, "she's got enough with them to girls over there!"

Teddy looks confused but no-one else offers anymore explanation.

"New girlfriend Skiplet? What happened to -"

"SHUT UP TEDDY!" Skip shouts.

"What happened to WHO?" I ask.

"Let's start filming" Luke interrupts me and stands up.

Hmmmm these boys are confusing, definitely not letting that one slide.

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