Suicidal Afflictions

Poems I have written this year ����
All poems are mine unless stated yo ��


3. number 3

I loved this boy, I loved him so,

I can't believe he let me go.

He sat this girl upon his knee

and said he chose her instead of me.

My mum came home late that night,

she looked for me I was nowhere in sight.

She went to my room my room was all red,

all it took was one bullet to the head.

She dropped to her knees and picked me up.

And my family came in to see what was up.

My brothers and sisters were crying hardcore.

They found my letter lying on the floor.

On my letter it said dig a hole six feet deep

and place two shot guns at my feet.

Tell my friends I did my best

and ask them if I've passed the test

-L.c 2014

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