One Book At A Time

Claire has been obsessed with the leader of her book club, almost as much as she is obsessed with books themselves. Jacob on the other hand likes Claire even more than he likes books, and you can tell that.

One Book At A Time is a book about Claire and Jacobs relationship up and downs and how life in a relationship is like.


1. The First and Last Meet

My name is Claire. I know, old name right? My parents are smart. Like super smart. Coincidently my name means bright in French. Great name picking from my parents behalf. I go to a private school called Hanover High. It is a prestigious high school with every child participating in Advanced Placement programs. I am a self obsessed book nerd, and everyone knows it. I read all the time, apart from during classes and homework. My best friend Jemma and I like this one boy who is in our grade who is a ‘popular’ but is like us, a nerd. We sit and share our books at lunch time, the annual nerd book club, and I don’t know about Jemma but that time I spend with Jacob each day is treasurable.


Jacob is the captain of the Book Club and Captain of the Football Team. Nerdy with a mix of Jock. My kind of man. He currently does not have a girlfriend, I am hoping to fill that space by the end of high school. Cause ya know, these opportunities only come round once.


So today is the Final day of term and the last chance at book club for about two weeks. It is vital that I seize this opportunity while I have it. Jacob walks right past me this morning, like I didn’t even exist. Well, that was a different experience, usually everyone says hello.


So the lunch bell just rang and I was making my way to my locker when I finally found Jemma. She looked so excited. Probably for the same reason as me. We both put our books away and file to the library together for book club. This is the day, thats what I keep saying to myself in my head. This term in book club we are reading the book Paper Towns by John Green. It is a very intriguing book about Margot and Q. Jacob chose the book as it is his favourite book. Every time I see him walking to class he always has it, like it is so precious it can’t wait in his locker for two hours because someone will steal it.

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