One Book At A Time

Claire has been obsessed with the leader of her book club, almost as much as she is obsessed with books themselves. Jacob on the other hand likes Claire even more than he likes books, and you can tell that.

One Book At A Time is a book about Claire and Jacobs relationship up and downs and how life in a relationship is like.


3. Shooting The Perfect Goal

It is Saturday morning and I head off for Netball. I was really shocked to see Jacob there as I didn’t even know that he knew that I played netball. I play for Southern Stars. We have won the championship for the last 8 years, and that would be our team that keeps winning premierships. My team has won every game for the last 8 years and today was no different. Today we smashed St Edmunds 76-3. Jacob seemed surprised actually. Like he’s never seen me play before. I try to keep my netball life a secret because nobody thinks i’m any good at sport so telling them that I play club would be raising their suspicions even more, they would just think I was lying. Well there you go everyone, i’m not that bad am I? Jacob kissed me ever so delicately on the lips after the end of the game. I think that’s his way of saying good job. I like it that way. I couldn’t imagine it any other way now.


Jacob drives me to his house in his Mercedes Benz. His family is way too rich. It’s like his whole family lives in a mansion. Then theres my average family who drives a Corolla and lives in a four bedroom house. We finally get to his house after what seems like 45 minutes and he invites me inside. His mother and father say hello and we go upstairs to his bedroom. His bedroom is like the size of my whole house, it’s like an unbelievable size. I go to sit on his bed before he tackles me onto the bed and starts kissing me with the mildest kisses you could ever imagine. I take the first breath and we just lay there side by side and just stare at each other. We do this for another hour. Without talking to one another.

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