One Book At A Time

Claire has been obsessed with the leader of her book club, almost as much as she is obsessed with books themselves. Jacob on the other hand likes Claire even more than he likes books, and you can tell that.

One Book At A Time is a book about Claire and Jacobs relationship up and downs and how life in a relationship is like.


4. Marriage Blues

His mum finally calls us down to dinner after another few hours where we watched a few movies locked into each other. These are the times i’m gonna remember. We segregate downstairs with our hands interlocking. His parents just smile when they see us standing there nudging each other, like this is what keeps their family together. Then out of the blue his mum just says that she can imagine us getting married and having kids together, I was taken aback by this comment. It just made me feel sick. I ran up to the bathroom with just enough time to reach the toilet to puke my guts up. I just thought this was a mainstream relationship, not like the relationship that would change my life. I suppose, i don’t know what’s going to happen in the future. Jacob runs up right behind me and helps me up and asks if i’m alright, of course I answer back a simple yes. Then I asked if Jacob could take me home.


We reach my front door and I collapse into his arms ever so gracefully and he just catches me with enough time. He then gets my mum to help him take me up the stairs to my room. For me it seems like this whole day has been a blur of good and bad. I don’t know what has made me feel like this, it’s like something has come and hit me in the back, hard, but I couldn’t feel a thing. My mum tries to make me feel relaxed by sitting me up and putting pillows behind my head. She also puts cold hand towels over my forehead. I start to wake up slowly but surely. My mum is grateful and she just hugs me. Until i start vomiting on her and then she moves to go and find a bucket. She brings Jacob upstairs with her so he can comfort me while she goes and gets changed.


He talks to me for ages, what seems like two hours straight. Time does fly after all, especially when you have a boyfriend to comfort you.

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