One Book At A Time

Claire has been obsessed with the leader of her book club, almost as much as she is obsessed with books themselves. Jacob on the other hand likes Claire even more than he likes books, and you can tell that.

One Book At A Time is a book about Claire and Jacobs relationship up and downs and how life in a relationship is like.


2. He Had Me At Hello

Jacob says hello to everyone this time, including me, but he pulls me aside. He takes me outside and out of the library and to the sports shed where no teachers or students ever go, and he kisses me, hard. It was unexpected but I just kissed him back as hard as I could, although I was not exerting as much energy as he was with this. It felt like we kissed for an eternity, but it was only for about two minutes. He pulled away first and we both gasped for air. That was the most craziest thing that has ever happened to me in forever. And when I say forever I mean since I was four when mom dropped me down a hill. By mistake of course but still, you get a whole lot of fright from something like that happening. But this time it was from someone, someone who likes me back. After about a minutes pause he apologised to me. I didn’t say anything instead I just stood there smiling and staring at him. Then he asked me hesitantly if I wanted to go and see The Fault In Our Stars on Saturday night and I accepted politely and maturely until we had to go back to the library when I excused myself to the bathroom, I went there and went ballistic with laughter and happiness. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before so this is all new, boyfriends and kissing and stuff like that.


Gemma came and found me before lunch left because I hadn’t returned to book club because I was so shell shocked. She even asked me if I was feeling alright when she walked in because I literally looked like I had puked everywhere. Then I just burst out with happiness and jumped all over her, she was just staring blankly at me until I had filled her in on what had happened and her jaw dropped. She ran out. Just ran away from me like it was my fault for all that happened. I try to go and run after her but as soon as I get out of the bathroom she is gone, out of sight. I have a feeling that my life is going to be pure hell from now on.

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