Isabelle Fairlight is in love with her best friend, only thing is... He's in love with her too, they're both just too scared to tell each other face to face, so they write letters


1. chapter 1

The bell above the door chimed as Isabelle Fairlight made her way into the small but cosy café. She sat at ones of the tables near the front and waited before she ordered. Sure enough the door chimed again only minutes later. In stepped a tall boy with messy blonde hair, he wore a fading band shirt with black skinny jeans. Isabelle smiled as he made his way to her.

"Izzy!" He grinned as he sat in the chair next to her

"Hey ash" she smiled "ready to order?"

"Yeahh I'm so hungry!" Ash laughed "so you thought about what dress you're wearing for prom?" He grinned

"Uhhhh yeah about that... I'm not going" she mumbles

"What?! Why?!" He exclaimed

"Ash people are looking" izzy said, blushing from embarrassment

"I don't care, why the hell aren't you coming to prom?"

"Well I don't have anyone to go with so I don't wanna go alone" izzy mumbled

"Go with me" he says

"Really?" She asks quickly, her hope building, was this her long term crush asking her out after 10 years of friendship?

"Yeah course you're my best friend Iz" ash laugh as izzy's hope falls dramatically and plummets to the ground.

After an hour Isabelle and Ashton were done with their food so they headed to Ashton's house

"Ash where were you?!" A boy with hair lightly blonde than Ashton's called as soon as the door shut behind them

"Lunch with izzy" he explained

"Date?" Luke smirked

"Nah of course not" ash laughed

"Yeah" izzy mumbled as mike came up from the basement

"Izzyyyyy" mike grinned until he saw her dejected expression

"Hi" she said quietly as he gently took her arm and lead her upstairs

"What's wrong Izzy?"

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