Dream girl (janoskians)

its about the 2/5 janoskians fighting over one girl but only one can have her, they go through highs and lows to win her heart who will win and who will get the girl of there dreams?


2. What comes first: Friends or True Love

James cups his mouth and walks away "I'M WALKING AWAY NOW GUYS" while James walks away the boys walk the opposite way as Luke walks in front in anger. While James walks home he sees the girl, the girl of this dreams. He tries catching up to her "Heyy Y/N there you are we meet again" she turns "Oh yeah James... right " James replies "Yes yes, i know this may sound a bit weird but, you're described as the perfect girl for me" she smiles " i umm thats soo sweet James, i'm not perfect at all but i love the fact you think i'm perfect" she couldn't stop smiling she went in for a hug, she tip toed and James hugged back "You smell like strawberries" James said while she giggled "I do do i hahah James" they walked together as James dropped her off "What happened with you and your friends?" She asked James thinking "Well me and Luke were fighting over you because we both found you perfect and we didn't know how to handle it so i walked off" she was shocked "You what? why? would you do such a thing James over me, please go make amends i don't want your friendship to end because of me"

He looks over at you "I know i shouldn't fight over a girl but oh my god i can't describe how i felt when i saw you, i know i've known you for a day but i feel like i've known you for ages you know" she sighs "I know but you need to go back to them okay James?" he pulls her closer "Okay.. i'll go" she stops James "James i need to get to know you and the other more so we should all hang out" James comes back "Alright heres my number 36492589743" she smiles"I'll call you later okay we can go out all together" James smiles "Bye i'll see you later" James and her hug, she exits.

Beau and Daniel are in a room together, Beau " What are we going to do Daniel, wheres James gone and is he even going to come back?" Daniel hides his face "I do not know what to do we need James to come back and get back with Luke" Luke enters the room Beau and Daniel act natural "Heyyyyy Luke" they both say Luke looks anxious "Hii" Jai walks in to "HEY LUKE you still up..set" as Jai sees Beau and Daniel trying to warn Jai not to bring it up but Luke still remembers "URGHH thank you Jai thats whats been on my mind all day" the door bell rang, "WHO THE FUCK COULD THAT BE" said Luke in a rage as he exited the room and hit the door as he left, Jai " Wow let me go check it out then" Daniel shouts "IT MUST BE JAMES!" jai went to open the door, "VJAYJAY THERE YOU ARE" Jai went in for a hug, James looked pretty pissed but did hug back, James in anger "Wheres Luke!?!?!?"

Luke came out "I'm here what do you want James", James walks over to Luke "I just want to apologise for the way i've been acting, i was acting immature and i wasn't being a very good friend" Luke scoffs "Yes you weren't i accept your apology, i think we should both have dates and see if which one she prefers rather than us fighting like this i do not want us to end our friendship over this" James hugs Luke, and says "I'm sorry man i shouldn't have gone over board, i saw her before i came here and she said all of us should hang out i told her to call me" James' phone buzzes "that might be her"

Beau,Daniel and Jai look at each other and smile they high five each other and Jai says "WWHHHEEWW i'm glad they worked it out between themselves", Daniel wipes his forehead "Yes i am really glad yay" while he plays with his piercing, Beau "Friends will always work it out, i'm happy now" they all have a three way hug, James comes back "She said that we should all hang out tomorrow what do you guys think" they all nod there heads James replies to her "Yes tomorrow is all good alright see ya" they had all calmed down and woken up a fresh everything went back to the way it was.

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