Dream girl (janoskians)

its about the 2/5 janoskians fighting over one girl but only one can have her, they go through highs and lows to win her heart who will win and who will get the girl of there dreams?


3. We'll Be Friends No Matter What

So they all had gotten ready to go out and meet Y/N. Daniel was getting changed and was talking to Jai while he was changing, "Jai what do you thinks going to happen today?" Jai puts his hand through his hair "Honestly i don't know whats going to happen but lets hope its something good" he smiles, "I hope this doesn't happen ever again see our friendship was at risk just because of that girl" James over hears everything but stayed on the down low . Beau was talking to Luke about this whole situation, "Luke if she likes James what are you going to do? how are you going to react?" Luke hits the wall "I don't know because i really like her, but i do not want to go over board if she doesn't like me then thats her choice, i can't force her to like me and have my best friends heart broken you know"

Beau comes over to Luke and hugs him " Everything's  going to be fine you'll find the right girl but i really think this ones into James and James is into her so we should let it happen" as Luke gets upset on Beaus shoulder "You sure beau that i'll find someone as perfect as Y/N" Beau smiles "Yes you will we all will" James called everyone downstairs "Hurry up guys we gotta go" The boys all rush downstairs and meet her at Starbucks, She introduces her self to everyone of them "Hi guys my names Y/N and its really nice meeting you" she shakes everyones hand and they all settle down. They all have a great time at Starbucks and she calls James & Luke out, "Hi guys, but i need to stop you guys from arguing and i'll tell you the truth Luke i'm sorry but i have these strong feelings for James and i do not want to hurt you, sorry i had to tell you before this argument continued"

James was shocked and Luke was upset but didn't show it. "I'm sorry for putting both of you through this, I really liked you but you chose James and i respect that" Luke and her hug, They both apologise to each other Luke returns to Jai, Daniel and Beau "How ya doing buddy" Jai says "I'm hurt but i'll live" Luke sighs. Daniel & Beau smile "Cheer up" Daniel says as he gives Luke a noogie. Beau sits there laughing and they all have a group hug. While James talks to Y/N and they officially start dating, after having his conversation with Y/N, James and her had hugged she went and they both kissed each other after all this he decided to jump into the group hug and they all shouted "WE'LL BE FRIENDS NO MATTER WHAT"

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