Dream girl (janoskians)

its about the 2/5 janoskians fighting over one girl but only one can have her, they go through highs and lows to win her heart who will win and who will get the girl of there dreams?


1. Dream girl is that you?

All of the boys were chilling in James' bedroom scattered around, all discussing what they would look for in a girl,Beau says "I would like a girl who's confident, nice eyes, someone shorter than me." all boys go "ohhhh", James asks Jai "What do you look for in a girl Jai?". Jai thinks for a bit and replies "Personality, what they wear, eyes, trustworthy and funny" he looks to the ground smiling, Jai "Go on Luke what about you?", "ummmm well she has to be funny, nice ,cute, has self respect and who doesn't swear" as he scratches his head, "Okay go on Daniel" Luke pushes Daniel, Daniel clears his throat "well for me i prefer blondes, piercings and a girl with a good personality", he giggles, "Last but not least Vjayjay" they all stare at James. "Well what i look for in a girl is her confidence, her natural beauty, when she has self respect and doesn't do what people pressure her to do" as he gazes into the ceiling, "James wake up ya cunt" beau says while throwing a pillow, James shakes his head "Oh sorry i was just picturing my dream girl ahhhh" he sighs, they all laugh "You're gonna meet her one day or another" Luke says coming to comfort James "I know bro i hope i see her sooner than later".

They all go out to eat "Where do you guys want to eat", Jai replies "I want In-N-Out" as a screams "Thats what she said" Beau laughs, " Are we gonna go or what guys" Daniel says, they get into there car and go have a big munch, they make there way home after eating at In-N-Out. They all sleepover at James' house and all talk about what to do the next day, they all decide they want to make a video and do a Q & A, which they do and they always get a question asked "Would you date a fan?" they had answered this millions of times and Beau had answered " I don't like categorizing fans because fans are girls they are human, a human with a heartbeat they're in" after doing there Q & A.

They had decided to go out, James and Luke were walking in front and Beau, Daniel and Jai at the back all whispering, James' is talking to Luke "Ahhh Luke do you think i'd ever meet the right girl? ever?" Luke sighs "James i'm sure you will okay?" James replies "Okay" as they were too busy talking they bumped into this girl, a really beau-tiful genuine girl James and Luke both look up and were speechless, James' mouth was opened "Oh woow" and Luke copied "Oh woow", Beau,Daniel and Jai were shocked and they all had said in a unison "Oh shit", Beau turned towards the others and said "Holy shit what are we going to do, i think they've both fallen in love with the same girl" Jai gasp "Fuck this has never happened what are we going to do?" Daniel was still shocked "Fuck Fuck Fuck, this is going to be one big problem, "I hope this doesn't effect us as a group" Jai says, now back to James and Luke,

"Oh sorry, um whats your name?" Luke says, she looks up "Well my name is Y/N", James pushes Luke out of the way, "Wow you're gorgeous" he takes her hand and kisses it, she looked a bit uncomfortable but she was smiling a lot, Daniel, Jai and beau go and grab the boys, and push them away from the girl who had no idea who they were, Jai "See ya later Y/N i'm sorry for what they did, i'll contact you to apologise", she smiles awkardly "Ummm okay i think i've seen you before", Beau pops out of no where "Yes we are on youtube" she had had un easy look on her face "No i i've seen you around here before" Beau "Oh right haha" she was showing signs to get outta there "So i'll see you guys...later", James and Luke shout " SEE YOU I HOPE WE MEET AGAIN" James and Luke give each other a horrible stare

"Wooow she is so pretty woow i need to know who she is!" Luke says, James turns towards Luke "WTF mate i saw her first, she's everything i described the perfect girl as" Luke got pissed "You what, BEAU, JAI,DANIEL WHO SAW HER FIRST" they all turn and stutter "Iiii Don't know" Luke gets angry "FUCK FUCKING FUCK URGH OMFD" James gets as pissed as Luke "Luke she's mine okay, she's everything i want in a girl, can you not respect that! URGHHH" Jai tries calming them down "Guys calm down alright its just a girl" James turns and punches the wall "No i will not calm down alright Jai! when i saw her i just felt a spark!" Luke pulls James "Well so did i, its just the way her eyes connected with mine, i know you like her too and i don't want out friendship to end over a girl!" 

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