Her love life

This story is about a gangster who they call her Baby Girl or "HER" since she is the baddest gangster ever and she is the scariest vampire girl


1. The horror and her love life

Hello, my name is Jade Sanchez a.k.a "Baby Girl" but sometimes, my brothers and sisters call me "HER" instead, because when I walk with them, people would get scare when they hear the word "HER," they wanted to keep their mouth shut when they see my friends, brothers, sisters, and I walking. The girls would talk about us mexican ladies when they see us walking down the hall, I would do a lot of sad poems or/and songs. My big brother saw Evan and his friends, they would give dirty looks to us when they see us. The next day, I was walking down the hallway to go to the bathroom, when I got out of the girls bathroom. Evan was right outside, so, I tried to ignore him but he grabbed me by the arm and said"hey, sexy, how about hanging with us instead of those low lives" I said" you could go to hell and rot there," he was grabbing my arm so hard, then he started to kiss me on the mouth, I tried to pull him away but he wouldn't let go, then my little sister saw Evan kissing me. He stopped kissing me then said"how about going on a date with me?" I said"no thanks." Evan was surprised then he threw me on the ground and started to kick me over and over, my brother saw Evan kicking me, so, he ran up to Evan and kicked his ass.

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