Her love life

This story is about a gangster who they call her Baby Girl or "HER" since she is the baddest gangster ever and she is the scariest vampire girl


2. blood and her love life

I started to cough up some blood, my brother saw me coughing blood, so he called the rest of the gang, and he said "hermanita,are you okay?" I said "yeah, why?" He was pissed off because he thought me and Evan were going out but no, he said " are you dating the bastard yes or no?" I said "no," big brother had walked away and he wouldn't even talk to me at all. I decided to walk alone but it was too dangerous to walk alone because of whites, blacks and japanese. So, I still walked anyway, then Evan's sister saw me jump then she came and socked me in the face hard as she could. Then I fought by grabbing my gun from my backpack, then she ran off and Evan saw his sister running into the car. Then I started to shooting at them, then the family heard them gunshots, so they started to run where the shots came from. My big bro was worried that I got shot but I didn't, so, then he saw me walking away from the him and the familia. Big brother never knew that I would become a good fighter that's when he saw me boxing in a gym that they would to do their boxing. He said " hey, what are you doing here?" I said " why in the hell you gave a crap what I am doing?" 

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