My Girl Lawely (jc caylen)

This Story Is About o2l but a tiny twist Kian's sister Ray Falla's for JC Caylen the famous YouTuber girls dream About Will Kian Let Them Date ?


1. Bored To Death

I'm so bored. I'm just laying upside down my my queen sized bed staring at my blank iPhone 5c waiting to get a notification or something "Ray! I hear my annoying brother Kain yell from downstairs you might be thinking Kian as in Lawley yes him the idiot of YouTube himself is my brother "WHAT U ANNOYING POTATO" I screech while tumbling off of my bed opening my purple door with the letter "R" on it signaling its my room while Kian's has a huge orange "K" I walk down the stiars lazily while combing my hair with my fingers I see kian a little to dressed up to be staying at home all day I furrowed my eyebrows together while asking "why the fuck are you dressed up?" "first LANGUAGE and second because we have to penny board over to the o2l house" kian says while tipping his hat up like a "sexy cowboy "as he says but I just feel like puking when I hear my brother say the word "sexy" alright I'll go get ready I sigh walking up the stairs that took me forever to get up because I'm lazy as shit I walk into my grandma's guest room I've been staying in you see me and Kain always visit our grandma so much that's why we have our own rooms basically and we never know when she's gonna pass away she's been having health problems lately "RAYONNA HURRY THE FRICK UP" so yes my whole name Rayonna .I hate my name a lot so everyone calls me Ray I skip downstiars I'm a good mood knowing I'm gonna see the boys even though me and Kian live with them ive been at my grandmas for a week or two
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