Tae kwon demigod

Thalia,Annabeth,Percy and Nico are sent to a tae kwon do to train in martial arts. There they meet a demigod. Well,this demigod is apparently very powerful. But bringing her back is a very big challenge because all monsters are after her. Will they make it back in one peace?


2. the other dimension O.o

So to think the last part was cut off so here it is:


"The demigod's name is Madelinne Reinold and if you see any other demigods bring them back too" Chiron said. "Now go pack for the trip"

~Flashback ended~

I think that was how it ended I can't exactly remember so yeah and I realize that I need a new name for all my fans... Everyone has one so it seems fit that I have one. You do that, while I do this!

Thalia's pov

We all packed and met up at the big house. Chiron brought out a portal and we stepped through. We landed in a field behind a school. " ok so Chiron went through a few things before I left." Annabeth said. "You guys left too early so I have to explain." In this mortal world, there are books written about us so it will be chaos if the mortals found out we're real so Chiron gave me a potion for us to drink. It changes our look taste and thing that will distinguish us. We each take a sip and we'll go from there." We all took a sip and we all laughed at ourselves. I had long black hair that sat in big curls and looked as though I had had the Aphrodite kids do my hair! I was wearing a pink skirt that went to my knees,with a purple shirt with hearts all over it. My shoes were white flats with pale pink bows on them. Nico was wearing a blue shirt with a skateboarder on it and jeans with red converse. Percy was wearing a plain red shirt with a jean jacket and jeans. He had black converse on with green laces. Annabeth had on a long blue dress with what looked like wedges with pink hearts on the straps. Her hair was straight with half her blonde hair pulled back with a blue sparkly flower. Her gray eyes, since they were uncommon had become a baby blue. We checked our suitcases and found they had changed too. Suddenly we heard a scream and we ran( as fast as Annabeth and I could walk in our very different shoe category)to a girl in the hands of a Minotaur(literally-she was high above the ground and in the monsters fist)and a boy trying to kick it,but it barely even made it flinch. I quickly stabbed it with my knife and it dissolved, and the girl landed in the arms of the boy. She had silent tears streaming down her face, as she clung to the boy. I wondered if they were dating, but they looked no more than 12. The girl got up and hugged the boy. He blushed and they looked at us. They both wore jeans and a t-shirt. The girl had a necklace around her neck with a book-shaped locket with an owl on it.she checked it was still there,sighed in relief and looked at us. "Thanks for saving me but who are you?" She asked. "Wait, first, who are you?" I countered. " Madelinne Reinold but you can call me Maddy."The girl said. This was the girl we were looking for! " I'm Denis Chapman." The boy said. "Ok you know the Greek gods right?" They nodded. "Well they're real and there is another dimension where there is a camp called-" " Called Camp Half Blood" Maddy finished I looked at her." I read the books. So I'm going to guess. This is Annabeth," she said pointing at Annabeth " Nico, Percy and you are Thalia. She named us all correctly. Then I remembered the boy but he let out a demigod vibe so I guess he is also one. "Well we have to take tae kwon do at Red Phoenix" so could you tell us where it is?" "Oh I go there!" Maddy said. " good I was going to recommend staring Denis. We'll pay." "I have it today" Maddy said. "Perfect!" I said. "Just tell us where to go!"

Ok so let me do the disclaimer:

Me: I am awesome at writing stuff!

Annabeth: how could you be so sure?

Me: zip it Annie!

Annabeth: I won't because you don't own anyone!

Me: I own Maddy and Denis!

Maddy: I ain't owned by nobody sistah!


So could you make it clear that that I am awesome at writing? All it takes is a click of the fan button and the click of a favourite! So do that and I'll be awesome and I can show Annie up! I mean... Be happy! Well bye and see you next chappie!

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