Tae kwon demigod

Thalia,Annabeth,Percy and Nico are sent to a tae kwon do to train in martial arts. There they meet a demigod. Well,this demigod is apparently very powerful. But bringing her back is a very big challenge because all monsters are after her. Will they make it back in one peace?


1. tae kwon do!


Yes I know the title stinks. (Not the chapter title the title title)Could u go and think of a better one? Something that fits the plot.kk now read plz and thank you. One more thing they all have to go to another dimension(ours) and bring the powerful demigod back to their dimension. When they get back I'll explain. Also there will be lots of Percabeth and Thalico cause I'm suddenly obsessed with Thalico! And cause I can. I don't care if Thalia is a hunter for this story she fell in love so she got kicked and if I receive any comments saying, "oh Thalia's in the hunters!". Contest for something that will be a suprise and adds another challenge to the quest. To enter add your:



Godly parent



Sword,knife,bow or spear

You cannot have the same name as a character that's already made cause it gets way to confusing but I'm so sorry for any inconvenience plus one more thing your name has to be an actual name that is not a user. Doesn't have to be ur reality name if you don't want to. If you choose a bow you can choose another in case arrows run out;)Enjoy!:)

Percy's pov

I was walking towards the beach with Annabeth when Thalia and Nico rushed up to me. "Chiron wants to see us." They were both out of breath. "Coming" Annabeth and I say. All 4 of us walk towards the big house and we all hold hands.(when I say that I mean the couples-Percabeth and Thalico)

~~~~~~During the meeting~~~~~~~~~

"Grover has something important to tell you all." Chiron began. " I went to the mortals only dimension and caught a very strong demigod scent. A demigod must've gotten trapped there and believed they were one." Grover explained. Percy high-fives Grover and Chiron continued. "So we chose you 4 to find them. The only problem is that there's 2 series of you all and you will get recognized and all cover will be blown. So you must redo your image and personality. It can be opposite the only thing that can be opposite are thing like Annabeth being smart. Just keep that to a minimum for our cover." He paced the room as he said this. "Your cover story will be that you are in foster care and your parents do not like to visit since Thalia can drive now." Thalia blushed and earned a kiss from Nico. Chiron ignored that and continued." The demigods name is Madelinne

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