Tae kwon demigod

Thalia,Annabeth,Percy and Nico are sent to a tae kwon do to train in martial arts. There they meet a demigod. Well,this demigod is apparently very powerful. But bringing her back is a very big challenge because all monsters are after her. Will they make it back in one peace?


3. Let's kick some butt!

Omg! I just got back from a trip but we went to a mall and I saw the funniest thing! A mouse was running in a restaurant and I was watching it and there was a pond behind me and I turn around and I see a bun in the water! Then it started floating around! Hahaha it was such a coincident that both of those happened at the same time! Okay I'm going to laugh at this but let's start the chappie!

Maddy's pov

We all headed down to my do-jang(Korean for basically where you train and kick butt!) and Denis, and the four registered. Today was only a try-out. It's so that you get an idea on how we teach here. Not try outs as in you do stuff and only a certain amount of people get in. I was already a red belt and I had to wait till spring for my black belt( the highest belt and this is in Sept. so just so you know) i quickly changed and entered. I bowed before entering and the four had changed into something more comfortable and Nico lent Denis sweat pants. Surprisingly, the 15 year old's sweats fit perfectly fine. We headed in and I went and led my friends(tae kwon do friends)over to Denis,Percy,Annabeth,Nico and Thalia who looked out of place. I introduced everyone and class began. We quickly did warm ups and began doing our exercising. It's when we make groups of 2 or 3 (based on the amount of people) and we run laps back and forth across the do-jang. I was first line so I had to run as fast as I could 3 times. I bolted across and back 3 times and waited for it to be my turn again. We continued doing that(we did running backwards,wheelbarrow racing,and a whole bunch of other stuff I don't have time to explain. Afterwards, we practised our poomsae(a series of blocks,punches and kicks) and I headed out to the play room to put on my sparring gear. Every Thursday we do this and on Tuesday all we do is poomsae. Sparring is when you wear gear and do a no-head-contact-fight. You basically kick and punch your opponent. It's training you for when you need to defend yourself. Here are the pairs:

Nico vs Percy

Denis vs Me

Annabeth vs my friend, Melissa

Thalia vs another one my friends, Elliot

My two other friends: Alyssa vs Bailey

We all began to fight.

3rd person view

Nico and Percy's fight:

Percy started off with a normal snap kick and a punch. Then, Nico blocked and roundhouse kicked. Then he kicked once more only to be kicked once more. They both kicked and punched and it seemed as though they were siblings fighting.

Denis and Maddy:

Maddy had more choices for kicks so poor Denis got pwned!

(A/N: I'm not going to describe these so that we can get on with our lives so I will cross out who sadly lost o(^_^)o)

Percy vs Nico

Denis vs Maddy

Annabeth vs Melissa

Thalia vs Elliot

Alyssa vs Bailey

Denis' pov

Soon class was over and we headed out. We quickly changed and after saying goodbye to Maddy's friends we headed back. We walked back to Maddy and I's Junior High and sat in the field. We talked and laughed about stuff when suddenly, a box was tossed out of a portal and the portal closed instantly. Maddy walked over,picked up the box and carried it back. We opened it and found some weapons. A letter was taped to the bottom of the box.

Dear demigods,

Pick one of these weapons and use the rest as a backup in case. Percy,Thalia,Nico and Annabeth your house is (insert random address) and that is where you will all stay.


"I think he means you guys." Percy said and I carefully went through the weapons. There were a couple of coins,confusing me. I picked one up and Annabeth said, " Those are probably supposed to be tossed in the air and it will turn into a sword."

I tossed it and it expanded into a sword. I pocketed it and looked at Maddy. She picked up a nice dagger with a leather grip. The sheath was also leather. She pinned it to her side and closed the box. We called a cab and went to our neighbourhood. The house was beside Maddy's house so we went to their house. It was nicely decorated. We found a closet and buried the box under towels and other things. We then went to the living room. At around 1 am Maddy fell asleep and I carried her back to her house. Afterwards I went home(after saying goodbye to the four) and walked home.



Me:go get me some books!


Me: Perseus Jackson. Bad things will happen if you disobey

Percy: idc cause you don't own me! Or Thalia,Nico and Annie! You only own Denis and Maddy! Rick owns us!


Me:run Percy!

So please enter for my contest check the first chapter I'm pretty sure for more info. I need a name for my fans! Think of one!


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