Tae kwon demigod

Thalia,Annabeth,Percy and Nico are sent to a tae kwon do to train in martial arts. There they meet a demigod. Well,this demigod is apparently very powerful. But bringing her back is a very big challenge because all monsters are after her. Will they make it back in one peace?


4. attack at high school

Maddy pov.(because I fricken can!)

I was talking with Denis at our lockers when I saw familiar grey eyes watching us." Annabeth?" I questioned aloud and Denis looked at where I was staring at. I shrugged and we continued to talk. Denis' eyes got wide and I looked at him in question(lots of questiony-ish stuff) I felt a hand on my shoulder and I jumped,turned around and without looking at the person, kneed them in the stomach. They fell to the ground,moaning. "Owwww" moaned the person. That sounded familiar... No... "Percy!" I exclaimed I helped him up. "Sorry but you really shouldn't sneak up on an ADHD girl..." Annabeth, Thalia and Nico appeared laughing their heads off. "OMG Percy" Thalia gasped between laughs. When they calmed down I put my hands on my hips. " Since when did you guys go to our high school?" " just now." Percy replied still clutching his stomach. I stifled a laugh and looked at them. " so how are you guys?" " we are fine." Nico said who was red in the face from watching Percy and trying not to laugh. Thalia elbowed Nico and gave him a look that said quit it. " what are your timetables?" "Here" Annabeth gave me hers and Denis and I studied it.

The four's timetable(they all have the same)

(Each period is half and hour)




Free period





Self defence


Greek gods

Greek gods


The demigods had the same timetable. I gave it back. "We have the same." "Well we should get to class." Annabeth said. Denis and I pulled our books for what we had before free period and Percy,Annabeth,Thalia and Nico stuffed their extra stuff into their lockers.

~Skip to Self defence cause this is important~

We all headed to the self defence class that the school just started. We headed in to be greeted by our teacher(or master as he wants us to call him), in the gym. Mr. Nimbus had us change into our sweats and we began. "To start off the class, I would like you to pair up. Denis and I paired up and soon we were disarming each other like nobody's business when a loud crash sounded and I whipped around just in time to see a Lastrygonian giant aim a giant fireball at me. It hit me in the chest and I flew against the wall. I struggled to keep myself from falling. I was right at the level of the basketball hoop(10 feet up) and grabbed it. I pulled myself out with extreme pain and cringed. I gripped the hoop and let go. I fell to the floor with a hard crack and even worse pain exploded in my ankle. I had broken it, which was just great. I screamed and felt helpless. Annabeth noticed me and ran over to me. "Can you move?" I tried to get up, but felt pain once more. I ignored it. "I'll be fine." I said firmly and Annabeth helped support me. We hobbled out the big hole in the wall and went slightly far from the school. Annabeth dropped me off at a tree. "Wait here." "What?!" I yelled after her. I crossed my arms and huffed. Stupid ankle.

Nico's pov

I cussed in Greek and went at the Lastrygonian. I dug my sword into its side and it roared in annoyance. I watched out of the corner of my eye as Annabeth helped Maddy away. Dang it. Then, it swung a hand, which held a fireball, at Thalia and I shoved her to the floor and it missed. "Thanks." She said and got up. She pulled out a bow and began to shoot arrows. Annabeth ran in and joined. Then, we heard quick footsteps. The monster disintegrated and revealed the rest of the seven, Grover and Reyna. "Hi!" Leo yelled. We all ran to them and greeted them. Then, Annabeth remembered something. "I have to go get Madd!" She smacked her forehead and ran. "I'll come!" Percy yelled and bolted after her. We all followed and saw Maddy, looking grumpy, possibly because she couldn't fight. "Thanks for leaving me!" She said impatiently. I laughed and helped her up. "NICO LAUGHED?!" Valdez yelled. I ran at him and chased him in circles

New characters! Merry Christmas!

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