Powerpuff Girls One-Shot: Story Time

Miss Keane is telling a story to the class.


1. Story Time

Sandra Keane had a large book in her small hands, “Gather around,” she told her Kindergarten class as she went around a big circular rug known as The Story Rug. Today’s theme was Fairy Tails so she planned to tell three stories. She glanced at her students, three special young ladies sitting up front, eager, before glancing at three boys groaning in the back. The other students scattering around the rug. Some of the five year olds even held blankets incase the stories where to bring them to sleep. “Now, I am telling three Fairy Tails today. You all should know about them,” she said before the teacher began:


Cinderella was a beautiful girl, with long red hair and big pink eyes. Her mother died when she was a young girl. Her father loved both her and his daughter, but when she was a young girl he re-married. Believing Cinderella needed a woman in her life. A mother, in her life. (Even though Johnathan was clueless about the school teacher’s crush…)

Ima Goodlady, a woman with big blue eyes and blonde hair, married Cinderella’s father. Cinderella had one step-sister, a redheaded girl named Princess. Until Cinderella’s father died Princess would be mean and cruel to Cinderella, after wards Ima was much worse. They made Cinderella sleep on the floor and do all of the house work, even with a maid. You see, Cinderella wasn’t born with that name. She was named Cinderella for being covered in ashes and having to sleep on them to stay warm. The two would tease her with that name, day in and day out, eventually she believed that was her name.

It was just around Cinderella’s sixteenth birthday that prince Brick, a male of the same age with red hair and flaming red eyes, threw a ball. Under the orders of his father he invited the whole kingdom, all women available. Prince Brick was to pick a woman he was meant to marry.

When Ima heard of the news she called Cinderella to shine her and Princess’ shoes for the ball. Princess was surely going to marry Brick. “M-may I go to the ball, Ima?” The redhead asked blinking with her big pink eyes.

"Ha!" Princess snorted, "Your kidding right?!" She laughed, "Like that hunk would want you, at all. You’re so filthy.”

"Princess," Ima gave her a look, "No laughing, it will give you wrinkle lines." she scowled in a fake sweet tone before looking at Cindrella, "Cinderella I will tell you what. You do your chores, make yourself a dress -of your own things, and clean up you may go." Ima said with a smirk before she walked off with Princess.

Cinderella set off on her chores, washed herself up, and grabbed out her mother’s old dress. She got it all done just as she heard, “Cinderella, we are off!” She ran down the stairs, in her mother’s white heels. Her purple dress wrapped around her.

"I am ready! Ima, I am ready!" Cinderella said.

Ima and Princess both turned to Cinderella in angry eyes, Ima scanned her before her eyes fell on Cinderella’s Mother’s necklace. “Princess isn’t this yours?” The woman lied.

Princess walked to Cinderella pulling it off, “Yes, momma it is!”

"No, its my mother’s!" Cinderella yelled.

"The dress, is that yours as well?" Ima asked with a smirk as Princess walked to the woman and pulled the dress in shreds. Looking down at her torn gown made her cry as the two evil b-witches left the redhead in tears.

After the two left the redhead she ran outside and cried and cried. Eventually a beautiful woman made herself appear, she was in a red dress and her face was hidden. “Blossom, why on earth are you crying?” the girl looked up.

"What? Who are you?"

"I am your fairy god mother, call me Miss Bellum," the woman said. "Blossom, dry up those tears. Don’t let Ima and her evil daughter get you down."

"I just wish to go to the ball," she ignored the thought of being called Blossom, guessing it was a nickname. Something her father called her.

"Well, I can take you to the ball." Miss Bellum said simply.

"How?" She looked to her rags, "I am just… Cinderella, no one with anything but this dress."

"Just Cinderella? No, child, your name is Blossom." Miss Bellum pulled the young woman to her feet and twirled her around. In three twirls Blossom’s ragged dress turned to a Blossom Pink ball gown with her hair in a bun. "Much better." Miss Bellum said, even if you could not see her smile by her voice it was there. She turned to a pumpkin that had two mice on it. She gave a small hum before snapping her thin fingers. The pumpkin and mice turning to a carriage and two horses. "Now…." She turned to see a squirrel, with another snap the squirrel with orange eyes became a young man with brown hair and the same eyes, "Bullet, you are to take Blossom to the ball!" Bullet spoke, only he still spoke squirrel. "Please, love, do not speak to anyone." She said turning to Blossom, "Blossom, love, be back by midnight or the spell will be broken. Okay?" Blossom nodded with a smile.

"Thank you, Miss Bellum!" She said before giving the woman a hug and going into the carriage, Miss Bellum waved before disappearing.

Once to the ball Blossom came down the stairs, everyone fell silent. Brick, in his fancy red suit, stopped talking to his father King Mayor, a short man with a white mustache and a bald head, and turned to the gorgeous redhead. Red eyes met pink, the prince didn’t even know he was walking to her before it was too late. “May I have this dance?” The prince asked as he bowed to the girl, what he thought was a gorgeous princess.

"Yes," she said with a bow before walking to him and dancing. Not one person knew this beautiful maiden that too the Prince’s time the whole night until the clock struck, dong! "I must go!" She yelled, dong! As she ran up the stairs one glass slipper was left on the stairs. Brick ran after her, after grabbing her shoe. She was already out of sight.

When the clock gave the last dong Blossom was now back to Cinderella. In rags and ashes. A pumpkin, two mice, and a squirrel beside her. She gathered the three things in her arms and ran to her home. She was unaware of the vow Brick made, he was going to find this woman if it was the last thing he was going to do.

Three days passed before Ima, Princess, or Cinderella heard of the Prince and this beautiful girl he was in search for. Cinderella not once said a word about being Blossom or the girl. She was surprised when a knock came to the door. Ima pushed Cinderella off when she looked though the peek whole. There in front where the three Princes, “Hello,” spoke the green eyed one with black hair, “We wish for all the,” he looked Ima over, “young women to be in the same room.” Ima gave him a look before leading him only to Princess.

The three boys walked inside, the blonde with blue eyes looking Princess over. “You think she should be the one?” He asked his oldest brother.

"Her eyes are different, but same red hair, last home." Brick said bending down, Princess began squealing. He rolled his eyes showing the shoe to slide on her foot. The shoe did not fit. "Anyone else?" He asked looking to Ima.

"Of course not." Ima said not knowing Cinderella was listening. Cinderella ran down the steps.

"There is me!"

"Posh! Your just a slave girl." Princess yelled, Brick staring at the pink eyes. The green eyed one nudged his brother.

"Oh, right! May I?" He asked holding up the shoe, Cinderella sat down as he bent to put the shoe on her. Perfect fit.

"T-thats Cinderella! Not her!" Yelled Princess in anger.

"No, my name is Blossom," said she as Brick pulled her up and claimed her lips as his. They lived happily ever after.

The End.

Miss Keane looked to the students, counting only one child being asleep. Most boys finding the kiss at the end to be revolting, it made her laugh. “Alright, this story won’t be so gushy.” She said before she began:

The Green Riding Hood; if you learned it was Red Riding Hood you where told wrong.

Once lived a young girl (age fifteen) with dark black hair and bright green eyes, she often worn a green hood. Her mother was a sweet and caring woman with black hair and blue eyes. Her mother, Sandra, often called her green hooded daughter Buttercup. It was much easier to say then Green Riding Hood, what others tried to call her. It never stayed.

One day her mother was busy, she looked to Buttercup and asked to go to her grandfather’s house to drop the sick man some sweets. “Just to Mayor’s and back, do you understand me?” Sandra asked with a pointed look to her daughter.

"Yes, momma." She said with a small smile looking at her mother. With that Sandra made a basket and handed it off to her.

"You stay on the path, Fuzzy doesn’t like people so he will try to get your sweets and feed you to his pet monster." Sandra warned.

Buttercup rolled her eyes, “Yes mother,” she took her basket and walked off out to the woods.

I know what your thinking, who would be scared of someone named Fuzzy. Fuzzy is some sort of hillbilly creature with bug ears and a big nose. He hates people. Now, his monster starts off small but breathing in air makes it large and scary.

Buttercup, however, wasn’t afraid. She was never afraid of anything. When fuzzy seen her he watched her carefully before walking to her. “What do you think you’re doing?!”

"I think I am going to my grandfather Mayor’s!” She said her fists on her hips as Fuzzy stared at her before growing angry.

"You’re close to my property!" Yelled Fuzzy.

"I am close but not there!” She growled, crossing her arms in anger. She watched Fuzzy’s face grow red as she kept walking.

"Thats it! We need a plan!" Fuzzy said, petting the monster in his hand. "We’re both hungry." He said watching her retreat. He then had an idea, "Grandfather Mayor, eh?" He said and went to change a sign so it said Short Cut on the long way, than he ran down the short cut.

Buttercup came to the sign and fell for his trick, giving him enough time to get to her grandfather and let the monster eat him as he pretender to be Mayor.

When Buttercup walked in she smiled, “Grandpa, I have your sweets.” She said before turning to what was meant to be her grandfather, “Wow, grandfather what big nose you have.”

"Better to see you with", he said with a fake cough.

"What odd ears you have," she said with a rose brow.

"Better to hear you with," Fuzzy said getting a little angrier.

"Wow, Grandpa, you need to shave. You’re too fuzzy." Said she.

"Better way to detract you with," He growled, a medium size monster jumping out to eat her.

"Ugh!" She growled just in time for a strong boy with black hair and green eyes to jump through the window with an ax. He slashed through the monster as Buttercup beat up Fuzzy.

At the end the three sat on Mayor’s bed eating sweets, the two green eyed teenagers with a smirk on their face.

The End.

Miss Keane looked up at the students, more asleep. Though, the boys awake where excited to see the fighting in the Fairy Tail. Buttercup had a little smirk on her face, how she loved when someone got beat up. “One more and then off to nap time.” She said and waited for the other students to get their blankets as she began:

Snow White

Many years ago the Queen and King had a little girl. She had blonde hair, bubble blue eyes, and her skin was white as snow. She was born, “Snow White”, though with her attitude the whole kingdom named her Bubbles. When Bubbles was born her mother died, leaving the king to find a wife (Of course ignoring the Royal Teacher,) he married an evil woman named Sedusa.

Sedusa did not show her true colors until her step-daughter became of age to be Queen (seventeen). She was already Queen and in charge, sadly her father died not too many years before she rose of age.

One day Sedusa went to her magic mirror and spoke into it, “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”

A man’s face appeared on the mirror, he looked like he should be on TV as a New’s Caster. “Well, Sedusa, it is actually Bubbles.”


"You heard me!"

She turned from her mirror to her window. Bubbles was outside, to what seemed to be she was speaking to a small bunny rabbit. “I have two things to fix.”

Two days later, while Bubbles was out on her nature walk she heard the sounds of what seemed to be rustle in the trees. She turned to see a man, covered in glue, coming after her. She backed up, falling over a limb. The glue man inches away from her before sighing and turning to a shy man with blonde hair and glasses. “I am sorry, Princess. The evil queen wants you dead, you are far too pretty. Please run.” He said pulling the girl up. “Run and never come back,” he said before running off towards town as Bubbles ran into the woods, for her life.

What seemed to be hours later she came across a cabin, “Hello, anyone home?” She asked before looking and seeing seven beds. The beds read: Mitch, Mike, Lloyd and Floyd (bunk beds), Robin, Princess, and Jilly Bean. Bubbled went to Robin’s bed, hers seemed the cleanest, and she laid in bed. It wasn’t for many hours that she woke to seven teens standing over her.

"Who are you?" Robin asked, the others -except Princess and Mitch- being silent. Bubbles sat up quickly.

"I am terribly sorry but.."


Miss Keane looked up to see every child has fallen asleep, “After Prince Boomer kissed the sleeping Bubbles, who was poisoned with Cotton Candy, she woke and they lived happily ever after.” With that her book was closed and the lights where off. She smiled and walked to her desk to grade.

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