Break Your Little Heart (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

"I want you, Day. There's something so different about you. And I love it. I crave it," Draco Malfoy purred at me like a deceitful tiger would approach to it's lioness when it's mating season.
All I did was laugh out loud, which brought a confused look on his sharp face.
"Oh, now you want me? Ha! Oh, Draco. Draco, Draco, Draco. You stupid boy. I'm afraid you're too late. I've been a prisoner of your love for such a long period of time. But you broke me. You broke me," I sneered boldly as I pushed his body away from mine.
"You've been playing with me and broke me. Now you are going to get the cuts."


2. Messed Up World




Back door bitches begging me to behold
All their cash and cars, platinum, silver 'n' gold
"We're like diamonds in the sky" that is what we are told
No mountain made of money can buy you a soul

I can see it [3x]
Coming down
I can see it [3x]
Coming down

“Ugh, Umbridge’s voice annoys the hell out of me. I’d rather be boiled alive in troll soup than be in her class for an hour,” Katie ranted as she double coated her eyelashes with her favorite mascara brand. She was looking at herself in the mirror in the bathroom as she applied her mascara. I snickered to myself as I scraped off the red nail polish off my index finger with my thumb nail. Last night, we had our welcoming feast last night and our new teacher was this woman named Dolores Umbridge. I had to admit, that sweet little voice didn’t fool me.


“Oh, give it a rest, you sneaky little chipmunk,” I said with a small laugh as I peeled off the layer of red nail polish off my index finger. I looked up at her and joined her and Alanys against the mirror. I had my make-up all done and for the first time applying make-up, I was pretty damn proud of myself that I mastered the smokey eye make-up without looking like a drunk panda.


“Katie’s got a point here, Day. Her voice is so shrilly that she makes Lavender Brown sound like a man,” Alanys told us as she applied light pink lip gloss on her naturally pouty lips. Katie and I broke into fits of laughter. Katie tilted her head back as she laughed while I leaned over and held my stomach as I laughed.


After our little laughing feast, I stood back up straight and fixed my Slytherin beanie. I said,”We have to hurry up. I’m starving.”


“Oh, wait, Day,” Alanys said with a small laugh as she packed her make-up products into her glittery pink make-up pack. Katie was applying her lipgloss.


“See, this is why I wake up a little earlier than I need to in order to make my make-up looking freaking flawless,” I said in a fake angry tone as I tapped my foot, impatiently. Alanys just rolled her eyes and asked Katie,”You coming?”


Katie seemed to be taking too much time fixing her make-up and mumbled,”No, you guys can go on. I’ll meet you guys there.”


Alanys and I looked at each other at the same time with a weird smug and Alanys,”Alright… See you Katie…” before strolling away to the Great Hall.


The reason why Katie doesn’t do her make-up with us is because she’s in Ravenclaw and Alanys, Pansy and I were in Slytherin. Katie’s mother and guardian, Amy Halls, is a the only Ravenclaw in her family. Katie’s father is Sirius Black. I know. Shocker.


Anyways, Katie was supposed to be in Slytherin but the Sorting Hat knew she was intelligent enough to be in Ravenclaw like her mother. So, that’s what happened.


It was in our blood to avoid the half-bloods, Mudbloods, and blood-traitors as much as possible but Katie was different. She was radiant. She was fearless. She was cunning. She was suppose to be in Slytherin, anyways, so we let her hang out with us. I just have to admit. With Katie in our group…


she knows some insulting and hurtful vocabulary words.




I was in the middle of eating my fruit salad when I saw Pansy and Draco with us. Both of them were holding hands and smirking at us.


“Good morning,” Pansy chirped with a smile as she served her plate with french toast. I scanned my eyes over to her bruised neck and slightly smeared and swollen lips before scanning Draco’s lips, neck and face. His hair was slightly messy, his neck and face had faded lip gloss marks and his lips were also slightly swollen.


Okay, that really hurts.


I mentally cursed myself to do not even shed a tear over this and remember my plan. Expect excitement and break Draco.


I know what you’re thinking.


“The fuck? Break Draco?”


Well, my fellow reader. You know the whole story I told you on how heart broken I was when I saw Draco with Pansy at the Yule Ball? Yeah, he broke me. I wanted to try to pull him away from Pansy for a few seconds and tell him how I feel about him. I told him that I wanted to tell him how I feel about him later and it was literally a few minutes before he kissed Pansy.


That was a punch in a face to me. Now, I want Draco to feel my pain.


“Say, Goyle. How was your summer?” I asked with a smile as I looked in his eyes. He stopped eating his stack of pancakes for a minute and looked at me in shock. I do talk to him but it was never about asking how our holidays were.


“It was fine. We went to this place called...erm…Hono...Honolulu,” Goyle said, feeling proud he has remember the name of the state capital of Hawaii.


I smiled in fascination and asked,”Really? Well, that’s very interesting. Care to tell me all about later?” as I stabbed some cantaloup, strawberry and banana pieces into my fork. As I placed the forkful of fruit inside my mouth, I noticed Draco staring at me. I just simply chewed and swallowed  before smirking.


“Of-Of course,” Goyle said with a goofy smile as his cheeks turned pink from bashfulness. I smiled at him and winked before proceeding to eating my fruit salad. I didn’t care how my friends looked at me weird as of right now. I was glad I made my move on the first guy to make Draco jealous. I know him and Goyle weren’t much a competition but I remember reading this from my mother’s journal from her 6th Year at Hogwarts.


“-I’m currently dating that handsome Slytherin bloke. Lucius Malfoy. I know it’s so beastly and it’s terrible to date your crush’s best friend. But this is a way to make the boy you fancy very jealous and perhaps he’ll finally be into you.”- From Aurora Ashford.


Aurora Ashford, my mother, was known for being the boys’ dream boat when she reached puberty in her 4th Year. She’s dated many boys but I could only recognize Draco’s father. According to her diary, she and Lucius snogged in a empty Double Potions class during their Free Period. And they never got caught, no matter how much noise they made.


“I’m gonna go look for Katie,” I said, noticing that she hasn’t been back yet after ten minutes. I stood up and drank my water before grabbing my book bag and my read-for-fun book and strolling out of the Great Hall.




After searching for what it seemed like for hours, I finally gave up. I had no idea where Katie would be at other than the library or Great Hall. I don’t think she would be doing her homework because knowing her, she always gets her summer homework done right when she receives it. Katie always locks her new kitten, Midnight, in her cage so she won’t ruin her blankets because she mistaken them for scratching posts.


I groaned as I slumped my body against a wall and looked at my wrist watch. 7:54 am. Hogwarts: A History starts in twelve minutes. I was exhausted from making tours around the school and all I grew was frustration. Where might Katie be?


I was about to grab my backpack and find my friends until I was interrupted by faint smacking noises. Not smacking like the physical violence smacking. The kissing smacking. I left my backpack alone and followed the noises.


The noises came from a wooden door and the closer I got, the louder the noises became. I wiggled the doorknob gently and unsurprisingly, it was locked. My heart was pounding in my ears and I took out my wand.


“Alohamora,” I muttered towards the doorknob and I heard a faint click. According to the noises, the couple inside didn’t seem to notice that their fun was about to end.


“D-Day!” A voice choked out. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Both their hair were slightly messy and the girl's lip make-up was smeared.


The boy and girl were Ron Weasley and Katie. And out of everything I could have shouted at the top of my lungs, all I could managed to say was these eleven words.


“I suppose broom closets are the most comfortable places to snog…”

It's a fucked up world
What do you get?
Sex and love and guns, light a cigarette
It’s a fucked up world
What do you get from it?
Sex and love and guns, light a cigarette [2x]

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