Please Don't Go

You thought the drama was over? Think again.
Have you ever had one of those days? You know. When one thing goes wrong, everything has to go wrong. Well, in this story, one of those days turn a simple summer love into a pure nightmare.
"You have to be shitting me right now. You're going to believe this junk but not me?!"
"I don't even know what to believe anymore." As I said that, I got up to go to the door.
"What are you doing?"
And if someone just storming out mad isn't enough, things tend to get worst.
"What the hell is going on?! Where are you?!"
"I'm alright. It's the girl that you should worry about."
One phone call, one 42 second phone call, is all it took to send Zayn's life into a spiraling Hell.
"Please don't go." I whispered as she began to walk off.
"I have no choice but to go. I'm sorry." With that, she turned on her heel and went out the door.
They say, if you listen closely, you can still hear his heart shattering into a million pieces.


1. Reunited and It Feels so Good!




*Ashely's POV*

I still remember staying up late just to watch the X Factor that summer. Even if it was just a rerun. After work, I would go on the ITV website and play the boys' music while I chilled. Its just so weird to me. Seeing the people I had known since forever on TV. Liam, Louis, Niall, Harry and Zayn had all auditioned for the X Factor as solo artist. After not being able to get through by themselves, they were put in a group. One Direction to be exact. Now, almost three years later, they're the world's biggest boy band. I could never come to terms with being approached and people asking me to take a picture. Apparently, being Harry's sister means you're famous as well. He even made me a Twitter so fans could follow me and stuff like that.

You're probably wondering about Zayn and I. Aren't you? Well... It's complicated. Our relationship. We barley get to talk. I'm lucky to get a "Good morning Beautiful" text message in the evening.
He had already admitted to having a girlfriend. There were fans who said I was only with him for the fame. Then, in an interview, he had talked about us. He told about how he had moved to Cheshire and met me. He confessed to the bullying and how I had apparently helped him through it. "I loved her from the start. And it's she same vise versa. I don't think she could love me anymore than she already does because I'm famous. That's impossible." Was the last thing he said before the interview ended.
I'm in college at the moment. My third year is almost done and then I had only one more year. I was on a four year scholarship for art.
I remember last summer, Zayn had sent me the lyrics to "Hey There Delilah" by The Plain White T's but changed it a little.
"Hey there, Ashely, you be good and don't you miss me. Two more years and you'll be done with school and I'll be making history like I do. You'll know it's all because of you. We can do whatever we want to. Hey there, Ashely, here's to you. This one's for you."

It was sent after they had found out "What Makes You Beautiful" went number one. He told me when he sang that song, he thought of me. Zayn said that He always dedicated it to me silently before they performed it. I would always blush when he told me that.
Sometimes, he would call and I'd be in class or at work. When I would call, his phone was either off or he was busy working or sleeping. But we did tweet each other often.
I remember the last time they came over, they had completely decorated my house with posters of them and bought be their merchandise so that "you would remember us!" as Niall put it.
Because it's always amazing to wake up to the poster of him on my ceiling.
I was still living in the bongolo. Mum and Robyn's wedding was amazing, by the way. Zayn was my date and I remember my whole family was shocked when they saw us kiss in front of Harry. I remember I caught the bouquet that night.
"Looks like you're going to be a Malik soon." Zayn whispered in my ear as he knew that if you caught the bouquet, you would be the next to get married.
"Calm down." Was all I said as I playfully pushed his chest.
Harry wouldn't let me move out of the bongolo. I couldn't even stay in a sorority. He says he's trying to protect me and thank gosh I listened to him.
Everyone at college was trying to get close to me just because I'm Harry's sister. I've been offered to go shopping, out to lunch. One girl even asked me if I wanted a foot massage.
If I wasn't in a hurry to get to work, I would've said yes.
People ask me "Why do you work? Your brother is Harry Styles, your best friends are Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Niall Horan. Not to mention you're dating Zayn Malik. Don't they have like a gazillion dollars? Why would you need to work?"
And the answer is simple. I don't want a piece of their fortune. That's theirs. They earned it. I can earn my own. Yes, I will barrow money but I always pay it back. They can't even buy me gifts unless it's for a special occasion. And I beg for it not to be expensive.
But, Harry does pay my phone bills and did buy me a car when I turned 18 but that's about it. I am thankful he did that because I wouldn't be able to afford those things myself.
I liked being independent for once. I didn't rely on Harry as much as I used to. My Anxiety is not as bad as before but I still get scared when strangers approach me asking me to follow them.
Then I realize they're fans and they are talking about on Twitter. So that calms me down. I haven't had an attack in almost a year and the doctors say I'm doing so well, they don't reserve my room anymore. I only have to go for check ups every now and then.
Currently, I was laying on my bed staring up at Niall. I scoffed. He thinks he's so cool in that picture, doesn't he? This is creepy.
But not as creepy as the poster of Zayn that Louis had stuck in my bathroom. I wasn't allowed to take anything down because last time I did, Harry spanked me with a metal spatula. How abusive, right?
As I sat in a daze, I heard my phone ring. I picked it off the charger and was about to send it to voice mail until I ready the name.

"Hello?!" I said more excited then I intended. I cleared my voice. "I mean. Hi Zayn."
"Hey babe." His voice sounded tired. We haven't talked since last month but still. I would rather he was rested than talk to me.
"You should go to sleep. You sound tired." I suggest as I turn on my side and cuddle with a giant teddy bear Zayn had won for me at a fair once.
"I should... But I miss you too much." He explained before letting out another yawn. "What are you doing?"
"Laying down." I explained. "You really need to sleep." I begged. I knew how much touring could ware him out. "Please, Zayn." Just as I said that, there was a knock at the door.
Must be Mum. She swings by here often to check up on me after I'm done with work. I didn't want to get up but the knocks got louder.
"I think Mum's at the door." I said as I got up and made my way out to the door. "Zayn, you really need to sleep. I can heat how tired your voice is."
"But Ashely, I can't sleep." He whined.
I stopped in front of the door and put my hands on my hips. The knocking continued. "And why can't you sleep?"
"Because you won't open the door." He explained.
"I'm about to tell Mum to go away."
"Just open the damn door and give me a hug." He ordered.
"Wait. What?" I opened the door at that moment and dropped my phone.
"Finally." He whispered. I jumped into his arms.
"ZAYN!" I screamed. It's been almost six months since we had last seen each other face to face. I began to sob tears of joy.
"I can't believe you were about to tell me to go away!" He laughed. I held him tighter as he picked me up. My legs wrapped around his waist for dear life. "Did you miss me?" He whispered.
I looked at him and nodded. "Don't cry." He wiped my cheeks while holding me with one arm. "I'm here now."
"Zayn." I whispered as I put my hands on his face and kissed him deeply.
I feel kind of stupid now since I didn't realize what he was up to earlier. But I really didn't expect him to be home until Christmas.
"I missed you so much." He smiled once he pulled away and hugged me again. I rested my head in his shoulder and inhaled his scent that drove me crazy.
"I can't believe you're home." My voice shook. "I'm so happy." I squeezed even tighter. "You weren't supposed to be home until Ch-Christmas time."
"You didn't really think I was going to go that long. Did you?" He laughed. "I like your haircut."
"You noticed!" I squealed. He set me down but still hugged me. "I like what you've done with your quiff. It looks very sexy on you."
"Still here!" I looked behind Zayn and saw Liam. Grinning widely, I let go of Zayn and ran to him. He took me into his warm embrace and laughed.
"And you came back with no hair..." My voice trailed off. Liam pushed me away and scoffed. "I missed you, Li!"
Zayn came up behind me and held my waist. I held his arms and smiled as he pecked my cheek. "Common, let's go see the others." He whispered.
I nodded. Zayn held my hand and lead me to the front. "HARRY!" I screamed and tackled him into the grass. He rolled us over so he was on top.
"ASHY!" He screamed back.
"Move it!" Harry was pushed off and I was yanked into Louis' hug.
"My turn!" Niall pried me off of Lou and put me in his own embrace.
"What happened to me being as fragile as a porcelain doll?!" I scolded them all for just pulling me around carelessly.
"MUM!" Harry called. She came out Just as Niall let go of me. "Can you take a picture of us all?" He asked.
She nodded and took Harry's phone. It went Louis, Niall, Harry, me, Zayn then Liam. We all had our arms wrapped around each other and were grinning happily. A moment before Mum snapped the picture, Zayn kissed my cheek and didn't pull away until he heard the shutter sound. We all dispersed after that.
"Thanks." Harry kissed Mum's cheek.
I helped the boys bring their suitcases to the bongolo. Zayn, of course, had his stuff in my room. I made everyone lay down and take a nap because the bags under their eyes were very unattractive.
As soon as I finally got Niall to lay down, I went to my room and shut the door. Locking it tightly behind me. Zayn was still awake as he laid in bed. I climbed in next to him and admired his warmth. He held me tightly and looked at me.
He traced his hand down the edge of my face before tilting my head up so that my lips met his. Zayn's hand slips down to my waist and he pulls me closer. He bites down on my lip causing an involuntary moan to leave me. He smirks and curls his fingers on my exposed hip.
His tongue slowly trails my bottom lip as he flips me on my back so that he was on top of me. After a few moments of tongue wrestling, he began to leave a sloppy trail on kisses down my jaw line.
"Zayn." I whisper but barley make it out as he finds a sensitive spot behind my ear. "Th-the others."
"Hmmm.." He hums, making his lips vibrate against my skin. I sigh and push him away.
"Later." I say. He frowns. "The others will hear us." I explained.
"Yeah, well. I've had to share a room with your brother while he was hooking up with some girl. I consider this getting even." He grumbled.
"Louis can unlock doors. Do you want to risk that?" I cock an eyebrow. Zayn shakes his head. "Take a nap." I say.
We get in our famous spooning position and soon, Zayn is knocked out. I cherish his warmth. I've missed it so much.
I grab his phone from off of the bedside table and unlock it. The password? 111309. Translation? 11-13-09, November 13, 2009. Or, our anniversary. I grinned as I saw he still hadn't changed it. I opened up Twitter and saw it was logged into his.
I followed back a few of his fans before logging out and into mine. I saw I had a billion and one mentions and as I scrolls through the feeds, I saw a world wide trend.
#Zashely Reunited and #GangsAllHere Both of the trends were being tweeted to me. I clicked on the second one to see where it originated and saw it was from Harry.
@HarryStyles: #GangsAllHere We got to come home and see this munchkin. God, we all missed her. @AshyOfficial

The picture followed it. I laughed and retweeted it. Then I pressed the first trend. It was coming from Liam's Twitter. It was a video. I turned the volume down and pressed play.
"Is it recording?" Zayn whispered. They were standing outside.
"Yeah, mate. Go." Liam replied as he was the one recording.
Zayn pulled out his phone and called someone in speaker. Long behold, it was me he had contacted. He was biting back a smile the whole time.
"Maybe her and Harry ARE related. They're so oblivious." Liam whispered at one point, earning a nod of agreement from Zayn.
"I'm so nervous." Zayn mouthed as he began to knock. He was grinning so wide, his lips were touching his ears.
Liam recorded me opening the door and I couldn't help but laugh at my reaction.
@The_Liam_Payne: *singing* Reunited and it feels so good! @zaynmalik @AshyOfficial #ZashelyReunited
I retweeted that as well then began to type out my own tweet.
@AshyOfficial: Best day ever. #ZashelyReunited #GangsAllHere

Zayn stirred in his sleep. I turned to him and rubbed circles into his back. "Shh... Shh..." I calmed him. He sighed and relaxed.

I logged out of Twitter and put his phone back. I cuddled close to his chest and smiled. "I really missed you, Zayn."
















I'm basically really happy except for








I miss summer a lot

solo story? what did you all think?

yes no maybe so?

sorry i totally just ranted about everything ever in my life kinda idk

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