Please Don't Go

You thought the drama was over? Think again.
Have you ever had one of those days? You know. When one thing goes wrong, everything has to go wrong. Well, in this story, one of those days turn a simple summer love into a pure nightmare.
"You have to be shitting me right now. You're going to believe this junk but not me?!"
"I don't even know what to believe anymore." As I said that, I got up to go to the door.
"What are you doing?"
And if someone just storming out mad isn't enough, things tend to get worst.
"What the hell is going on?! Where are you?!"
"I'm alright. It's the girl that you should worry about."
One phone call, one 42 second phone call, is all it took to send Zayn's life into a spiraling Hell.
"Please don't go." I whispered as she began to walk off.
"I have no choice but to go. I'm sorry." With that, she turned on her heel and went out the door.
They say, if you listen closely, you can still hear his heart shattering into a million pieces.


4. Drunk

*Ashely's POV*

After three hours of apologizing, I realized that they weren't going to give up. I finally gave in and accepted their apology. Now, I was sitting alone with Liam in the living room. The others had gone out to buy some alcohol. I stayed behind since Liam was taking a nap and didn't like to wake up and find no one was home.
Besides, it's been a while since I hung out with "Daddy Direction" as some of you call him. He and I filled each other in of what has been happening since we had last seen each other in December.
"How is your job?" He asked me. I knew he meant it with pure curiosity which always made me feel good inside. I loved it when the guys let me tell them about my day or asked me how I was. It made me feel like they haven't forgotten about me while they were away living their crazy lives as international superstars. "Anything interesting?" He raises an eyebrow.
"Well, to be honest, I hate my job. But at least I have one." I shrugged. He smiled. "I mean, it could be worst. I could be traveling the world, making a billion bucks while people cheered my name nonstop. Oh wait..." I teased.
"You know what, ASHELY?" Looks like someone flipped Bitch Mood on Liam's control panel.
"What, Liam?" I raised my eyebrow.
We went back and forth just teasing each other before the door swung open. In walked Niall, Harry and Louis. "We're home!" Niall cheered.
"Hey boys." I stood up. "Where's Zayn?"
"He's outside smoking." Louis explained before setting down the box of Corona.
I sighed and went out. He was leaning against the car. A smile crept onto his face as he saw me. "Hey, babe."
"Hey." I stayed by the door.
"What?" He raised an eyebrow as he realized I wasn't going to come any closer.
"You should really stop smoking. I mean, it could ruin your voice." I tried to explain. "It's cancer in a roll."
Zayn smirked then looked at his cigarette. "Alright." Was all he said before dropping it to the floor and stomping it out. "I'm going to take a shower." He said as he pasted me.
"Zayn." I stopped him. He looked at me. I simply smiled. He winked at me before walking away.
And this is why I love him.
*Harry's POV*
When Zayn came out, we began to drink. I always found it amazing that the only person who could drink as much as him wasn't even in his weight game.
He and Ash were currently chugging down their nineteenth shot while holding a bottle of corona. I always thought it was funny to see them drunk. They would play fight with not only each other but Niall, Liam, Louis and I. "L-Louis! You are not funny!" Ashely"I just don't want you to get alcohol poisoning!" He explained. Ash and Zayn had already wiped out a whole box of Corona already. "Slow down, you two!" 

"Shut the fuck up." Zayn was the aggressive drunk which always made us laugh. He could yell at us all he wanted before sweet talking my sister. For example, Ashely had just smacked his arm and shook her head towards him just now. "I'm so sorry, beautiful. I'll try to be better. Just for you." He tickled her under her chin. Ash scrunched up her nose then pecked his lips.

"It hasn't even been an hour and these two are already wasted." Niall shook his head while taking a sip of his own drink. It was pretty much an unspoken rule to always buy two boxes of beer. One for Louis, Niall and I and the other for the couple.
Liam of course didn't drink. But he did record the moments that would embarrass us when we sobered. Niall had decided not to drink heavily tonight because he was not in the mood to have a hang over in the morning. Louis and I simply clinked our bottles together and shared a silent "cheers" before sipping more down.
"Oh, turn up the radio!" I called as "You Need Me, I Don't Need You", written by the great Ed Sheeran, played. Zayn bent down and turned up the stereo.
"Oh my gosh! Edward!" Ashely screamed. "I miss my ginger!" She looked as if she were about to cry. I couldn't help but laugh. "Why does he have to be on tour?!"

"We can call him if you'd like." Louis wiggled his eyebrow. Ashely grinned widely and nodded. "Alright, babe. Give me a moment."
"What are you doing?" Niall snapped as he and Liam gathered around us.
"Liam, get your camera out." Was all Louis said.
-5 minutes later-
"I REALLY WANTED THAT PUPPY, ED! ITS NOT FUNNY! WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING?!" Ashely yelled loudly as Zayn was just staring at the phone in her hand that was set on speaker.

"Babe, are you on your period?" Ed asked. Apparently, he was in his hotel room taking a break.

"NO!" Makenna spat viciously.

Then are you drunk?"

"Haha, that reminds me of your song. You know." She cleared her voice. "I wanna be drunk when I wake up! On the right side of the wrong bed!" She literally screamed into the phone.

I couldn't help but feel bad for the guy during my fit of laughter. I mean, the last thing he needed was a wasted Ashely basically drunk dialing him. "Babe, babe!" Ed yelled. "I have to go."

"You always have to go when I call! You never want to talk to me! I thought we were ginger buddies, Ed!"
"You're a brunette!" I can just imagine the giant grin on his face as he yelled that. "Ashely, I love you."

"Hey! Hey! Back off!" Zayn jumped up and snatched the book. "She's mine, sucker!"
"Sorry, Zayn." Ed muttered though he probably had a stupid smirk on his face. "I'll talk to you later. Alright? Bye." With that, Ed hung up.
Ashely threw the phone onto the floor then yawned. "Ready for bed?" I asked her. She nodded. I went over and picked her up. Louis grabbed Zayn and guided him down the hall. They both were out like a light the moment they hit the bed.

"You have got to love them." Louis smiled as he pulled the covers over them.
"We wouldn't have a choice." I chuckled lightly before placing a small kiss on Ashely's temple. "It's a shame that we don't have that much time left with her."

"Has Zayn told her yet?" Louis asked as we left the room, shutting the door closely behind him.
"Would you?" I raised an eyebrow. Louis looked down. "Just let them enjoy the time they have left." I whispered. He nodded before we walked back to the others to quietly enjoy the rest of the night.
*Zayn's POV*
I woke up to the smell of tea. Opening my eyes, I saw Ash sitting next to me. Her hair was still a mess and her eyes were still puffy. "Here, babe." She whispered then handed me a cup of tea.

I sat up and sipped some down. It was a special tea to help with hang overs. "Thanks." I said while lowering the cup.
She nodded and drank from her own. "Zayn?" She looked at me. I raised an eyebrow. "Can we go and watch Shrek?" She sheepishly asked.
This is probably the twelfth time we've seen it. It was her favorite movie. Just like Toy Story was Liam's. "Of course we can." I stood up. We went into the living room.
She put in the DVD then cuddled with me on the couch. We spent the next hour and a half laughing and crying. Hey, I can be emotional too.
By the time the movie ended, the rest of the guys had made their ways to the living room and had taken seats wherever they could. "What's for breakfast?" Niall pipped up as the credits roll across the screen.
"I'll make breakfast." Harry stood up. Ashely smiled towards him. "Let me guess. Someone wants an omelet?"

"Yes please." Ash squeaked. He winked to her then left. Ashely turned to me and smiled. She gave me a giant kiss on the cheek. "I love you, Zayn."

"Love you, too." I replied then gave her an even bigger kiss on the lips. I didn't have the guts to tell her that we only had five more days here before we had to say Goodbye Chershire, Hello second half of the tour. "No matter what."
"Can we not have you two get mushy now?" Louis spat. "I'm already trying to recover from a hang over. I don't need your gushiness to make me throw up." Ashely glared at him.
"Like you and Eleanor are no worst." She said. "You two are always kissing on each other's neck or sending flirty text messages."
"How do you know we send flirty text messages?" Louis gave her a lopsided look.
"I read your messages like it's the morning paper. I know you password. Figured it out last time you were here." She winked.
He threw a pillow at her before muttering a rope, not a string, of cuss words towards her while blushing a deep crimson.
"I stopped, though." She explained. "You guys got boring." She explained
Louis simply rolled his eyes as he started up a game of FIFA 2012. Just as he did, Harry walked in. Ashely and I sat up. He gave her the fork then set the tray in her lap. "Thank you, Harry." She smiled.
"Make sure you tweet about this. Bitches love a good cook." He teased before walking off to finish breakfast for the rest of us.
Ash took a small piece of her eggs then held it in front of my face. "Tell me if it's poisonous or not." She stared at the end of her fork.
"Oh, I almost eat one burnt marshmallow and suddenly, I'm your hound dog." I rolled my eyes before eating it. "It tastes-" I began to make a choking noise.
"ZAYN!" Ashely screamed.
"Kidding." I laughed. She pushed me gently then began to eat the rest of her food.
About ten minutes later, Harry had finally sat down with his own plate. He had all served us our own omelets and took the time to put whatever we wanted on it. How wonderful!
"Here, Zayn. You against Harry." Louis handed me the controller. We were all taking turns while eating. It was our favorite morning activity.
"Um.." My voice trailed off. I've always been horrible at computer games. Though I did own an XBOX, I still sucked no matter how many times I tried. But I wasn't about to admit it. "Bring it on!"
Ashely was constantly screaming what buttons to push while I played. My hand, eye coordination was horrible. I lost miserably. In my fit of anger, I got up and threw the controllers at the TV. I could hear Ashely laughing at me.
"Common, Zayn." She got up. I followed her into our room. We laid on the bed and slowly, she sighed. Her eyelashes tickled my cheek as she cuddled close. "Zayn, are you going to be home next week?" She whispered.
I sighed and rubbed my hand up and down her arm. "Don't worry about that now, babe."
"So, it's a no. Isn't it?" She muttered.
I turned on my side. "Ashely, you know that I want more than anything to be here with you. But I just can't." I tucked some hairs behind her ear. "Babe, just hang in a bit longer. I promise, it will all be worth it in the end."
"Alright." She smiled but the hurt behind it was obvious. I traced my finger down her soft face and wiped away the fallen tear. "I'll try."
"And I'll try to come home as soon as possible." I compromised. She simply nodded. "And if I can't, we'll go to the church and get married the moment I come back."
Ashely pushed my chest playfully. "Common, Zayn. Let's go to the others."
We got up and went back. They were all watching TV. Ashely and I were sitting on the couch as she traced her fingers up my arm, admiring the tattoos. "I should get your name next."
"I'd like to see that happen." She said with an unconvincing look. I shrugged then kissed her cheek. "Let's do something today, guys."
"Like what? We can barley go anywhere without being mobbed." Louis muttered under his breath. That was a downside to fame. You get noticed everywhere you go. I mean, it is nice sometimes. But now? I can't even take Ash out on a date without people shoving a camera in our faces.
"We can have a barbeque." Leave it to Niall to suggest that. "Hamburgers, hot dogs, maybe even s'mores for dessert." He was almost drooling in his day dream.
"I'd have to run to the store but that sounds like a great idea, Niall!" Ashely grinned then stood up.
"You're not going to change?" I question while looking down at her clothing. She was wearing Makenna wraps her arms around my neck then pecks my lips. "Fine. You can come. But if I go deaf today, I'm blaming you."
a white tank top over a pair of my boxers.
"I probably should.. Shouldn't I?" She says before walking away. I follow her to the room then lock the door behind us.
"I'm coming with you." I said while pulling off my shirt.
"Zayn, you heard what Louis said. You can't go anywhere without being mobbed." She mumbled before opening her closet. "Besides, I can go by myself. No problem."
"I just want to spend as much time with you as possible." I look at the ground.

 Ashely wraps her arms around my neck then pecks my lips. "Fine. You can come. But if I go deaf today, I'm blaming you."
She walked back to her closet. We both changed our clothing. I wore a white wife beater over a pair of black and red basketball shorts. It was pretty warm today. Ashely was wearing a white tank top over a pair of black shorts.
"Ready?" She asked while putting on her glasses. I simply nodded. So out we went. Niall had already made a list of what we, or should I say he, needed for today. "Don't start the grill until I come back. Got it?"
"Yes ma'am!" The other four saluted only to earn an eye roll from the both of us.
We got into the car. Ashely started it then slowly backed out. "You should let me drive on the way back." I suggested. "You know, so you can rest. Grocery shopping could be tiring."
Ash looked at me. "JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL! TAKE IT FROM MY HANDS!" She sang. I rolled my eyes. "I'd rather not. Remember That time you drove the golf cart?"
"It wasn't that bad." I muttered under my breath.
"I broke my wrist!" She yelled at me. I pushed her shoulder playfully. "Hey, stop. I don't want to break it again." She explained.

"I love you, too." I smiled then kissed her cheek.




OK so I'm really cold right now

and catching up on the walking and the talking dead and I'm really happy

So i really need some advice:

I have some really crappy friends, and 2 great friends. One of my good friends likes my crappy friends, and the other doesn't. But the one who doesn't like the friends and i want to make new friends but like we don't want to ditch the friend who likes them. So what do we do?

Anyways I'm gonna start working on editing the next chapter. YAY






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