Please Don't Go

You thought the drama was over? Think again.
Have you ever had one of those days? You know. When one thing goes wrong, everything has to go wrong. Well, in this story, one of those days turn a simple summer love into a pure nightmare.
"You have to be shitting me right now. You're going to believe this junk but not me?!"
"I don't even know what to believe anymore." As I said that, I got up to go to the door.
"What are you doing?"
And if someone just storming out mad isn't enough, things tend to get worst.
"What the hell is going on?! Where are you?!"
"I'm alright. It's the girl that you should worry about."
One phone call, one 42 second phone call, is all it took to send Zayn's life into a spiraling Hell.
"Please don't go." I whispered as she began to walk off.
"I have no choice but to go. I'm sorry." With that, she turned on her heel and went out the door.
They say, if you listen closely, you can still hear his heart shattering into a million pieces.


3. Battle Scars


*Ashely's POV*

It was about 11:30 at night. Thank goodness I didn't start class until 8 tomorrow. I was not going to be able to wake up no earlier than 7.
Zayn held me tightly and kissed my neck. "My legs hurt." I complained.
I was about to go to sleep when, "You, your sex is on fire! And you, your sex is on fire!"
Tonight is the night where I officially hate Louis, Niall, Liam and Harry. "Consumed with what's to transpire! And you, your sex is on fire! Consumed with what's to transpire!"
"Go away!" Zayn yelled as they sang outside of the door.
Then, being the assholes they are, unlocked the door and began to sing louder. "YOU! YOUR SEX IS ON FIRE! CONSUMED WITH WHAT'S TO TRANSPIRE!"
"Oh. My. Gosh." I grumbled under my breath as they began to jump on the bed. I grabbed the first ankle I could and yanked. "WHO'S NEXT?!" I yelled as I saw Harry fall to the floor.
"Abusive!" Louis laid across the both of us. Thank goodness for this blanket. "We just want to celebrate you two getting it in!"
"If you don't leave." Zayn began. That was a threat enough. They all ran out. Niall even locked the door. "Good night, beautiful." Zayn whispered before giving me a kiss on the cheek.
"Shut up." I said.
"Are you mad because your legs hurt?" I said nothing. "I'll make it up to you!" He shook me.
"Zayn." I groaned.
"I'll get you a puppy." He offered.
"Don't give me false hope, boy." I spat. "This is the seventeenth time you've promised me a puppy. And YES! I was counting!"
"Love you, too." He kissed my cheek then Shut his eyes.
I rolled my eyes and then shut them. "Will you really get me a puppy?" I muttered.
"One day." He replied before yawning.
"That better be soon." I cuddled into his chest then went to sleep.

When I woke up, I could still feel my legs aching. I got up and long behold, I was limping. I hopped into the shower and cleaned myself of the smell of sweat and... Is that blood? The bastard broke skin! I groaned and finished my shower then changed.I gave Zayn a quick peck as he laid still asleep before I went off to the living room. My every thing hurt. My neck was full of hickeys, My throat was dry and rough, my arms and legs were tired.
And just to top it all off, I was still limping. Oh well. It's my last day of school and I didn't have work until next Monday.
So, off I went. No time to complain today.
*Zayn's POV*
When I woke up, I saw Ashely was already gone. I went for a shower and cringed as the water hit my back. I hate how Ashely complains about her legs When she's the one who goes butcher on my back. She needs to cut her nails. I swear. When She gets home, I'm going to cut them for her. You think I'm joking. Don't you? Nope. I've done it before and I'll do it again.

She grows them until their like three inches long! Well, not seriously but they don't break! Like what the actual hell.
When I finished, I put on boxers and pants. I didn't bother with a shirt. I always did like to show off what us guys called "battle scars".
So, out I went to the kitchen where I saw Niall standing with his face right in front of the running microwave. I pulled his hair and made him face me. "Hey, stupid. Didn't you know it's dangerous to stand too close to a microwave?"
"That only works on pregnant people." He said, matter of factly.
 "That's why I'm telling you not to!" I teased.
He narrowed his eyes before grinning. "YOU! YOUR SEX IS ON FIRE!"
"I will throw away whatever you're warming up." I threatened.
"You wouldn't."
"Try me, bitch." I let go of his hair then turned my back. When we finished, we went into the house and to our rooms. As I hopped out of the shower for the second time, I heard a yelp come from the hall.
Bad idea.
There was a loud crack that made me scream loudly.
"BATTLE SCARS!" Niall laughed. He had just smacked me hard. I can feel my back pounding as the blood pumped to the swollen area.
"Did I just hear battle scars?" Louis peaked his head in. My eyes widened. We've never done this to anyone but Harry.
Why? Why me?
I ran around the house. When I looked back, I saw all four boys chasing me. I picked up the pace.
Usually, scratches were a good thing. The more you had, the better it was. And I was sure I had just broken Louis' record of 13. I probably had 24.
Before I knew it, we were outside. I ran aimlessly. Somehow, I ended up in front of the pool. Since I could stand in this water, I decided to jump in.
Bad idea. The water burned my back. There were four other splashes and before I knew it, I had forgotten all about my back and we were just playing around probably all day.
We played with the volleyball and of course, Harry was naked. As always. Isn't that awkward?
When we finished, we went into the house and to our rooms. As I hopped out of the shower for the second time, I heard a yelp come from the hall.
And we put towels down.... Didn't we?
"NNOO!" I heard Ashely screamed. I quickly pulled on my clothing then ran out to see what was going on.I saw Ashely sitting in a puddle of water picking up pieces of paper. "I'm so sorry!" Louis whispered.
"This took me all year to put together!" She looked like she was on the verge of tears. Ashely didn't care if she was all wet. She was more worried about her papers.I got down next to her and helped her pick them up. They were all pieces of art work. "My portfolio is ruined." I frowned.
She has to present a portfolio every year at administration so that they know she isn't wasting her scholarship.
I picked up the rest of the papers then handed them to Niall. "Go lay them out on the counter to dry."
He nodded then left. I held Ashely into my chest then rubbed her hair. "Common, babe. It's alright. They're not ruined."
"Yes they are!" She began to cry. I felt pure guilt because it was my fault we even stepped outside in the first place.
"Don't cry." I whispered. She pushed me away them stomped off to her room, slamming the door and locking it behind her.



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