Austria Confronts Germany (A Hetalia Short Story)

Just to prove that I AM STILL ALIVE.


2. Confrontation

    Austria walked into the living room, rage immediately consuming him when he saw Germany sitting on his couch. Looking perfectly at home. Austria walked over to Germany, hiding his fury with a composed face,

    "Germany. Why are you in my house?" the German merely glanced up at Austria when he heard his demand.
    "Hm? Oh, hallo Austria. I vill just be occupying your house for a little vhile."
    This caused Austria to give up with his composed face as he gritted his teeth, his violet eyes brimmed with rage, "Without receiving my permission first?! I am an independent country, I do not belong to you! You cannot just waltz into my house whenever you feel like it!"
    Germany now gave Austria his full attention, yet he was indifferent as he replied, "I von't be here for long. Just deal vith it."
    Austria's eyes narrowed, "You violated the Treaty of Versailles! Have you no responsibility for your actions?!"
    At this, Germany leapt to his feet, now glaring down at the Austrian in rage. Austria now felt a bit uneasy; Germany was terrifying then he was furious! "ZHE TREATY OF VERSAILLES MEANS NOTHING TO ME!" the German roared, "I van't revenge! Zhose countries vill pay for forcing me to pay zhem! For making me give up my precious land!!"
    Austria scoffed, "You don't have any sense of responsibility. World War One was your fault, Germany. You must take responsibility for your actions."
    Austria suddenly felt himself get slammed into his wall, sending his glasses askew and the breath instantly knocked out of him. He became aware of Germany's hand around his throat, strangling him. Austria gasped for breath, trying vainly to get Germany off of him, but with no luck. He then heard fast approaching footsteps, and then the voice of Hungary,
    He then saw the Hungarian running at full speed towards Germany, wielding her frying pan. Austria stretched his hand out to her, "G-gah…! Hungary…don't…!" he choked out. Hungary, hearing Austria, immediately stops, "Wh-what…?! Austria?!"
    Hungary was shocked and confused by what Austria said; yet Austria knew why he said that. He didn't want Germany to hurt her. Hungary means a lot to him, and the two have been through a lot together. Austria would hate it if she got hurt, or even worse, killed. Hungary now just stood there, unsure whether to ignore what Austria said or to comply with him.
    Germany's now stone cold blue eyes glared down at Austria, "Vorld Var One vas not my fault, Untermensch! It vas zhe vorld's fault!!"
    Austria glared back at Germany. He didn't say anything; in fact he couldn't say anything. The Austrian could not breathe at all, nor could he speak. So he just kept on struggling vainly, gasping for breath.
    After what felt like years, Germany finally let go of Austria, and the country collapsed to the floor, coughing and hacking. Hungary immediately rushed to him and kneeled beside the Austrian, glaring at Germany to make sure he does not make a single move to hurt Austria anymore.
    After a few moments of Germany and Hungary exchanging glares, the German nation turned and began to leave. Austria glanced up at him as he walked off, rubbing his hand on his throat.
    "You are the spitting image of your brother," Austria said, referring to Germany's older brother, the annoying ex-country, Prussia. "You will fall. Just like he did."

    However, Germany ignored Austria's warning, and exited the Austrian's house, slamming the door shut as he went.
    Untermensch : Subhuman life form)

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