Me, You and a baby??

Emma and Luke seem to be complete opposites, they have hated each other since they were kids. When Emma and Luke get paired up together for the baby project, their worlds get turned upside down and smashed together, and they get 3 times the trouble, of something more realistic then a mechanical doll.


5. Chapter 5: bad day

"Emma wait up" I heard Lucy call after me frantically.

"How can I-" I cut myself off, looking at the little girl she was taking care of. "What happened there??" I questioned, looking at a paint covered little girl.

"Finn has art" she grumbled.

"I think I have a change of clothes in my locker, but I have to go meet up with Luke" I smiled apologetically.

"Thanks so much" she called as she rushed down the hallway.

"Em, I'm hungry" Paisley complained, rubbing her belly.

"We're going to eat soon" I sighed as I looked around the cafeteria for Luke.

"Emma!" He called, waving while trying to control the boys.

"I'm hungry" Paisley groaned louder.

"Luke??" I turned to him, smiling sweetly.

"I already bought you two food" he chuckled, pushing a tray towards us.

"Yay, thank you!" She cheered as she immediately shoved food into her mouth.

"So your taking paisley after 4th and I'm taking the boys right??" I questioned, double checking.

"If she would like yeah" he smiled, playing around with the boys.

"They can never get enough of that huh" paisley giggled.

"Yup, at least it keeps them busy" I shrugged.

"Hey guys, this is Hannah" lacy said tiredly.

"Well, this is paisley,Paxton and Parker" I said pointing to each one.

"How do you tell them apart" she asked narrowing her eyes at the boys. "They look exactly the same" she went on.

"One has a scar, one has a birth mark in the same spot" Luke said blankly, causing me to throw a fry at him and a glare. "Bitch" he muttered.

"I'm not even going to bother, I'm so done with today, see you at home" I sighed, leaving the cafeteria. "Looks like I'm walking" I muttered to myself.

~Luke's pov~

"I want Em" Paisley whined as we made our way to class.

"We can see her later, I'm sorry" I said quietly, picking her up.

"She didn't say bye though" she sniffled, resting her head on my shoulder.

"And that's okay, people forget sometimes" I whispered rubbing her back, trying not to get in trouble from the teacher.

"She was mad, was it me??" She asked me frantically.

"No no no, she's mad at me" I answered quickly.

"Why do you two not like each other??" She frowned at me.

"We can talk about that later" I sighed.

"Deal" she nodded.

"Good" I smiled down at her.

~later at home~

"Em!" The kids called as they walked into the door.

"Hey guys" she smiled sadly, she looked like she had been crying.

"Hey kids, how about you guys go play" I more said then asked, sending them downstairs.

"Do you want to talk??" I asked following her up to our room.

"What's there to talk about??" She laid down on the bed, me sitting next to her.

"What happened and why you've been crying" I said like it was obvious.

"I was just emotional and needed some space" she muttered simply.

"Cuddles??" I asked happily.

"Fine" she groaned, laying on my chest. It felt like a thousand butterflies were flying around my stomach, great now I sound like a girl.

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