Me, You and a baby??

Emma and Luke seem to be complete opposites, they have hated each other since they were kids. When Emma and Luke get paired up together for the baby project, their worlds get turned upside down and smashed together, and they get 3 times the trouble, of something more realistic then a mechanical doll.


4. chapter 4: morning view

"Answer your phone" Luke groaned from beside me.

"Holy shit it's dark" I said as soon as I opened my eyes. "And cold" I continued as I grabbed my phone. 6 missed calls and 12 messages from my mom... Whoops.

"Who is it??" He asked as he heard me sighed long and hard.

"My mom, she's kinda wondering where I am" I said, as I called her.

"Emma, where the fuck are you?? All your stuff is gone" she said as soon as she answered the phone.

"I kinda moved out, sorry" I said awkwardly.

"You what!?" She exclaimed.

"I moved out for a school project, everything is fiiiinnne" I said as i laid back down.

"You have some explaining to do" she said, hanging up on me.

"What time is it??" Luke asked disoriented.

"Like 6:45, I think we should start getting ready" I yawned, rubbing my eyes.

"You do kids, I'll get breakfast" he groaned turning on the lamp.

"Sure, why not" I said rolling out of bed.

"You can get dressed first" he said walking out of the room as I walked over to my unpacked bags. I pulled out a pair of black lulu crops and a white crop top corset thingy and I pulled on a pair of leopard print flats. I also combed out my hair and threw it into a high ponytail.

"Paxton" i called lightly as I walked into his room.

"Time to wake up" I said pulling his covers off.

"I'm up" he groaned.

"Go brush your teeth, you remember which toothbrush is yours??" I asked as I made his bed.

"Yup! The green one" he said happily as he walked out of the room. I pulled out brown shorts, a blue polo shirt and a pair of black vans and set them on his bed and walked to parkers room.

"Parker, wakie wakie" I said doing the same to him, I pulled out brown shorts, red polo and black vans as well.

"Paisley" I said as I walked into her room.

"I'm already awake" she smiled up at me as she was drawing a picture.

"Okay then, teeth and come back here to get dressed" I said picking her up and sending her out of the room. I pulled out a pair of rainbow leggings, blue shirt with a cute little owl and a pair of pink sandals.

I went to check on each kid, making sure they were getting ready and sent them downstairs.

"Luke, got get ready I'll finish breakfast" I smiled as I skipped into the kitchen.

"Okay cool, there's only a couple more pancakes to finish and fruits are cut up" he pointed around, rushing up stairs.

"Butts in chairs" I cheered as I put each of them in a stool.

"Em, do you like singing??" Paisley asked with a big smile.

"Of course I do!" I said excitedly as I started singing and dancing a bit as I cooked. "Paxton, what do you want on yours??" I asked as I stacked three pancakes on three plates.

"Syrup, peanut butter, strawberries please" he said after some thinking, and smiled widely when I handed them to him.

"Parker??" I asked him.

"Syrup and applesauce" he said tiredly.

"Paisley??" I asked her.

"Um strawberries, bananas, peaches and syrup!" She said excitedly.

"M'lady" I smiled as I handed her the plate. "Okay guys, eat up we don't want to be late" I said looking at the time, and running up stairs. "Lu-" I cut myself off quickly as I saw him standing there in all his glory. "Fuck" I shrieked covering my eyes and trying to shut the door.

"Emma" he said bursting through the door shirtless.

"We Uh need to go soon, don't want to be late" I said awkwardly, moving my hands around wildly.

"Sure, about what just happened though" he said pointing to the door.

"Let's say nothing happened" I shrugged.

"Yup" he said quickly, going back into the room and me walking downstairs.

"Okay guys, let's get in the car" I called while I put on my bag.

"Okay" I heard them call and then running feet and one by one the folded out the door. "Luke, let's go" I yelled, following the kids. And putting them each in car seats awkwardly.

"Nice ass" Luke said as he tapped it.

"Perv!" I said immediately as I shut the door.

"Hey hey hey" he said mock offended.

"Just get in the car" i grumbled pushing him out of the way.

"So who's taking the kids??" He asked as we pulled up to the school.

"How about you take the boys and then we eat lunch together and then after that you just take paisley??" I questioned as he got them out of the car.

"Sure and we need a bigger car, this isn't working" I said as he hit his head and got kicked by someone.

"I'm kinda liking this" I said laughing a bit. "Hurry up" I said impatiently as the bell rang.

"Fuck I'm trying" he groaned as he finally got the last kid out.

"What your mouth!" I exclaimed as I saw the kids stare at him curiously.

"Sorry" he mumbled, picking the boys up and rushing into the school.

"Well isn't he just grumpy" paisley crossed his arms as we watched him walk away.

"He sure is, I wonder why" I dragged on. "Well let's go, I don't want to be late for class" I said grabbing her hand and made our way to my first class.

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