Me, You and a baby??

Emma and Luke seem to be complete opposites, they have hated each other since they were kids. When Emma and Luke get paired up together for the baby project, their worlds get turned upside down and smashed together, and they get 3 times the trouble, of something more realistic then a mechanical doll.


2. chapter 2: Triplets!?!

"Morning mom" I said as I shuffled into the kitchen.

"Your still in your pyjamas??" She laughed as she made some pancakes.

"Of course, who's driving them to school today??" I asked as I searched the fridge for pancake toppings.

"Can you, I have a meeting and your father left last night" she said as she juggled cooking and making lunches.

"Well I guess so, might as well go get ready" I muttered, dragging my feet to my room. I searched my closet, finally settling on a pair of black and grey leggings, a blue crop top with matching toms. "Let's go" I said to my little brother and sister after I finished doing my hair and makeup.

"Bye mom" we all said in unison, grabbing our bags and walking out to my car and drive them to school. "Shit" I whispered as I ran into the school late.

~health class~

"Okay class, sit by your partners" Mr Wilson clapped. "So I guess it's time to get your babies"He said cheerfully, taking a seat on his desk. "You and your partner will come to the front and draw a piece of paper, and that will be the gender and amount of babies" he said grabbing a hat and pointing to the first group of people.

"Me and Finn got a girl" Lacey said with fake excitement.

"Has anyone gotten the triplets yet??" I was nervous, hoping I didn't get them. I mean they are mechanical dolls but three.

"Emma, Luke come on" mr Wilson said after we ignored him.

"You draw" Luke sighed.

I took a deep breath, sticking my hand into the hat and grabbing the second or third one I touched. "Fucking triplets" I muttered as I unfolded the paper.

"What??" Luke gasped with wide eyes.

"I said: fucking triplets" I said angrily, pouting to my seat.

"I guess someone got the triplets now" Finn laughed giving Lacey a high five.

"What genders??" Luke muttered as he sat next to me, a little to close for comfort.

"Two boys and a girl, I don't see why gender matters" I said confused as I stared at the paper.

"Yeah, me neither" he blinked awkwardly.

"Okay class, everyone has drawn so I'm going to tell you guys the project in detail. You guys are actually getting real kids, I'm just going to let that settle in" he said taking a pause, walking to the door and bringing in a bunch of kids.

"I can't do this" Luke said shocked as he stared at them.

"I have living arrangements set out for you guys, I expect you to live together with your partner no ifs ands or buts" he said taking a pause to think. "Daycare or school is pretty much all worked out, you guys will have them for the whole year, any questions??" He went on trying to cover everything.

"What if I lose the kid??" Some girl in the back asked with her mouth wide open.

"I hope you don't" mr Wilson said giving the girl a look. "Okay, I'm handing out kids now and once you get them you will get an address and then you guys can leave and get all that sorted out because I excused you for the rest of the day" he said grabbing kids and handing them to groups.

"Okay, we stop at your house get your stuff then mine and then go to the new house" I said as we walked up to the front.

"Okay, you take the kids in your car so I can get the bags" he said as we were handed the address and the kids.

"Let's go" Luke said walking away leaving me with the triplets awkwardly, I looked around then grabbed their hands and rushed to my car.

Neither of us had talked to the kids yet, let's just say it been very awkward for everybody I think. I just sat their staring at them, the all looked the same. Brown hair, blue eyes, small noses, just everything.

"I'm Emma, you guys can call me Em" I begin, hoping to break the silence.

"I'm Luke" he waved with his two fingers.

"I'm Paisley" the little girl in the middle smiled.

"I'm Parker" the boy on the left said, he had a birthmark on his left cheek.

"I'm Paxton" the last one muttered after Paisley elbowed him.

"This is gonna be fun" Luke muttered.

"Indeed, how about Paxton and Parker go hang out with Luke for a bit and I spend time with Paisley??" I said picking up Paisley and going on a tour of the house with her.

"There's only four rooms, does that mean you and Luke are going to sleep together??" She asked with wide eyes giggling.

"I guess so" I managed.

"Do you not like him??" She asked curiously.

"He doesn't have the best reputation at our school, and we've just never been on good terms really" I paused. "I don't hate him, it's just we haven't gotten to know each other" I explained further.

"But you can't judge a book by its cover" she said wisely.

"I know, but he's the one who started our "relationship" of with the wrong foot" I shrugged.

"Maybe he's a good guy" she smiled.

"You are too wise young lady" I said tickling her.

"I like you" she smiled giving me a hug.

"I'm glad" I smiled largely, "I'm glad I got triplets now" I whispered. My phone buzzed, ruining our happy moment.

"Who is it??" She asked quickly as I pulled out my phone.

"Luke" I muttered as I opened it.

From Luke:

Go to the back door, quickly.

"He said check the back door" I said standing up and following a running Paisley.

"It's water balloons, and theirs a note" she said excitedly, handing me the paper.

Girls, these are yours. As soon as you walk out the door, you are fair game. Boys against girls, no rules. Let the games begin! -the boys.

I read out, laughing a bit at how random this was. "Let's get changed, then we're gonna go out their and beat them" I cheered as I raced her to her room, changed her into a swimsuit then changed into mine.

"Let's do this" she said giving a warrior cry and running out the door with a water balloon. Seconds later I heard her scream. "They got me" she said sadly.

"Well let's get them" I laughed, grabbing a handful of balloons and running out into the yard.

"We're out of balloons" I yelled out to the boys after a crazy game.

"So are we" Luke said, walking out from behind a tree.

"Okay well how about we go get changed, I make food then I'll leave for dance" I said ushering them all inside. I changed into a pair of black spandex shorts and a pink crop top.

"Looking good" Luke said walking past me on my way downstairs.

"Pig" I called after him, I decided on making some chicken stir fry. "Dinners ready" I called, setting a plate out for the triplets.

"Where's my plate??" Luke asked with a frown.

"Oh come on your 17, get your own" I scoffed as I grabbed a lunch box and filled it up.

"Where are you going??" Paisley said with a scrunched face.

"Well cutie, I'm going to dance" I said as I gave them all a hug goodbye.

"Where's my hug??" He asked with a frown.

"It doesn't exist" I smirked, getting a look from Paisley. "Fine" I groaned, walking into his arms awkwardly.

"When will you be back??" He asked taking a seat at the table.

"Like 8ish, I'll help with putting the kids to bed" I said as I walked out of the kitchen.

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