Me, You and a baby??

Emma and Luke seem to be complete opposites, they have hated each other since they were kids. When Emma and Luke get paired up together for the baby project, their worlds get turned upside down and smashed together, and they get 3 times the trouble, of something more realistic then a mechanical doll.


18. chapter 18: the meeting

"I'm sorry" the triplets chorused, hugging my legs.

"We didn't mean to be mean yesterday" Parker looked up at me.

"If it makes you feel better, we're in big trouble" Paxton offered.

"It's okay guys, just don't do it again" I sighed, prying them off my legs.

"How did I do?" Luke popped in, smiling.

"You did great, thank you" I hugged him, breathing in his scent.

"Are you smelling me?" He chuckled.

"No!" I gasped, pulling away. "Why would I do that?" I laughed nervously.

"I'd smell me too" he muttered, shrugging. "Did I smell good?" He looked up, patiently.

"I didn't smell you, I wouldn't know" I said quickly, laughing again.

"Sure okay babe" he shook his head.

"I'd rather smell the trash" I stuck my tongue out at him.

"Really, wanna do that now?" He asked amused.

"No!" I yelled, shaking my head hard.

"You're no fun" he sighed, finishing making the bed.

"I'm the funest!" I gasped.

"Not a word!" He yelled, walking out of the room.

"It can be a word if I want it to" I whispered to myself, determined. "Why aren't you ready?" I asked, looking at Parker sitting in his underwear on the couch.

"I am" he looked up, confused.

"No you not" I shook my head. "You are crazy" I smiled.

"Why can't I go like this?" He asked.

"Well handsome, you can't go in your underwear pants" I laughed. We had a meeting with our health class about some baby stuff.

"Fine" he sighed, relaxing into me.

"You're looking great already" I smiled, giving him a kiss.

"I know" he smiled cheekily, finishing getting his shirt on.

"Let's go" I yelled, walking down to the front door. "We're going to be late" I called impatiently.

"Calm down" Luke said, grabbing the keys.

"I swear" I muttered, getting the kids into their seats and getting into the car.

"Look, here we are and we are on time" Luke smiled, smugly.

"Oh don't be smug" I grumbled, helping the kids out of the car.

"Up" paisley said firmly to Luke once she got out.

"Oh yes my queen" he answered sarcastically, picking her up. "They still haven't started" Luke assured me, once he looked around the room.

"Okay, I think everyone is here now" mr. Wilson announced. "Map as you can tell the second semester of school is coming to a close soon, which means the baby project is almost over as well" he explained.

"What's going to happen?" Someone asked, after the initial silence.

"Well they are going to go back to the homes they came from, waiting for the next real baby project to happen" he said casually. "Your lives will go back to normal" he shrugged.

"How can my life just go back to normal?" I whispered shocked to Luke.

"I don't think it can" he shook his head.

"Guys, don't over think it" mr. Wilsons voice cut through the whispers. "It'll be fine, you'll be fine and the kids will be fine" he waved it off. The rest of them time, everyone say in silence. I mean I barely caught a word he had said!

"Where does the kids gone leave us?" I asked as we walked back to the car, bringing myself back to reality. "I mean, they are what brought us together, what if it's all because of them?" I continued, frowning.

"It leaves us together" he shrugged. "I don't see how they affect how I feel about you" he said softly, stopping us and pulling me into a hug. "I'm still hella into you" he chuckled, kissing the top of my head.

"I guess I like you too" I joked, sticking my tongue out at him.

"You are a menace" he shook his head, continuing to walk to the car.

"I just want to go to sleep" I yawned, walking sluggishly.

"Pick up the pace turtle" Parker complained, pulling me with him.

"You are a fiery little one" I muttered, with a smile. It's crazy how different each of their personalities were, but they all complimented each other's perfectly.

"I thought I was being sweet" he said sarcastically, with a wide smile.

"I thought I was being fast" I said sassily, crossing my arms.

"The fastest, now I want to go home" he sighed.

"Yeah, it's far past our 8 o'clock bedtime" paisley popped in. "We will all be horribly tired tomorrow" she shook her head.

"Well, we best pick up the pace then" Payton laughed.

"You laugh now, but it's true" paisley yelled, shaking her fist in his face.

"Guys" Luke said in a warning voice and they all stopped. "Great" he nodded. We got to the car and get everyone buckled up and drove in silence. We got everyone tucked into bed before flopping into ours.

"I'm pooped" I sighed, cuddling into him.

"Sleep then" he muttered, cuddling into me.

"Goodnight" I yawned, giving him a kiss and falling asleep.

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