Me, You and a baby??

Emma and Luke seem to be complete opposites, they have hated each other since they were kids. When Emma and Luke get paired up together for the baby project, their worlds get turned upside down and smashed together, and they get 3 times the trouble, of something more realistic then a mechanical doll.


16. chapter 16: the bright side

~Luke's pov~

"Daddy" paisley ran up to me crying in the cafeteria.

"Awe duckling, what wrong baby?" I picked her up and say her on my lap, wiping her tears away.

"I tripped" she hiccuped, pointing to a spot a few feet away.

"Baby girl, you're okay" I smiled, kissing her on the forehead.

"I want to go home" she frowned, leaning into me.

"I think we all do" I chuckled, rubbing her back.

"Can we go home then?" She groaned.

"Sorry girly, we can't" I sighed.

"Fine" she crossed her arms and climbed off my lap and over to Emma. "Mommy, can we go home?" She asked, using her puppy dog eyes.

"We can go home?" The boys piped in, scrambling over to Emma.

"No one said that" she scoffed. "There's only a couple more hours, suck it up" She smiled.

~health class~

~Emma's pov~

"so, it's been a couple months how's it been?" Mr. Wilson asked, rolling around in his chair. "Well, I'll take this as a great!" He said, once no one replied.

"I need to pee" Parker complained, shaking Luke.

"How bad?" He asked awkwardly.

"Luke, take him to the bathroom for gods sake" I rolled my eyes. He was kind of clueless sometimes.

"Oh yeah" he nodded, walking out with Parker.

"How's it Going with you and Luke" Lacey whispered.

"I guess as you'd expect it maybe" I trailed off, no one really knew we were dating.

"Soo you two banged?" She asked, giggling a bit.

"Omg no!" I whispered yelled.

"So you're dating?" She smirked, nodding.

"I guess so" I shrugged, laughing.

"I shall not believe that" she gasped.

"You gotta" paisley pitched in. "We're a family, mom dad and kids" she smiled proudly.

"Then I believe it" Lacey smiled.

"What about you and Finn?" I asked.

"I could never date him" she shook her head quickly and vigorously.

"If you say so" I said sarcastically.

"You drive me nuts" she laughed, rolling her eyes.

"But you love me" I smiled sweetly.

"I got peed on" Luke said lowly when he sat next to me.

"You're joking?" I asked, trying my best not to laugh.

"Oh babe, I wish I was" he sighed. "It was pretty much just my hands. But it happened" he nodded.

"Parker, what happened??" I asked him, setting him in my lap when he walked over to me.

"I don't know, it happened fast and then he was screaming that he got peed on" he laughed.

"Was it an accident?" I asked, I hoped it was.

"Very much" he nodded sweetly.

"Okay, remember to be careful" I smiled, sending him off.

"Okay, class so as you know there's only a couple months left with the kids" mr. Wilson sighed. "There'll be a couple parameters, but we'll talk about it a later date" he nodded as the bell rang.

~later that night~

"Babe?" I asked quietly.

"Mhm" he turned away from our late night movie.

"I'm going to miss the kids" I frowned.

"Me too, but I don't want to worry about that right now" he sighed as well. "Let's just focus on what we have now" he smiled, rubbing his thumb on the back of my hand.

"Yeah you're right" I nodded, kissing him quickly. "I think I'm going to head up to bed" I yawned.

"I'll come too" he beamed, picking me up and running me up stairs.

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