Me, You and a baby??

Emma and Luke seem to be complete opposites, they have hated each other since they were kids. When Emma and Luke get paired up together for the baby project, their worlds get turned upside down and smashed together, and they get 3 times the trouble, of something more realistic then a mechanical doll.


1. chapter 1: paired up

"Emma, get up!" I heard my dad yell angrily from the other side of the door.

"I'm up, I'm up" I groaned as I slowly got out of bed.

"It's 8:00, I expect you downstairs by 8:10" he said sternly from the other side of the door and then made his way downstairs.

I groan, frantically making my way to my closet. Since it was the first day of school I pulled out a short white lace dress with a black skinny belt and a pair if black heels. I just left my hair down and just put on some mascara, eyeliner and red lipstick.

"EMMA, COME ON YOUR LATE" I heard my mom yell angrily from downstairs.

"Shit" I muttered, looking at the time: 8:20. "I'm coming" I shouted grabbing my glasses and running downstairs as best I could in heels.

"Bye honey" my mom said kissing me on the cheek.

"Bye mom, love you" I called as I rushed to my car, it's a black and white convertible camaro, I just love it. As I was parking a heard the bell ring. I literally ran out of my car and to my first period, not bothering to stop at my locker.


"Omg Em, I'm so glad I found you" I heard Lacey sigh.

"You saw me what?? Yesterday" I laughed shutting my locker and walking to the cafeteria.

"This food is so gross sometimes, I mean what is that??" She asked me with disgust as we stood in line.

"Mac and cheese??" I questioned, looking at the food they were serving.

"Looks more like cheese, no mac" she muttered as the lady shovelled some on her plate.

"It can't be that bad this year" I said optimistically, as we found an empty table to wait for our other friends.

"It's bad!" Lacey caries as she took a big bite.

"Awe thanks lay, now I don't have to eat it!" I smiled, pushing my plate away and picking up a bag of chips from my tray.

"Hey guys!" Finn smiled as he sat down at our table.

"Hey" me and Lacey said at the same time.

"Creepy, how's your first day going??" He asked while spooning some jello in his mouth.

"So far boring but I have health, and were getting the baby project with in the first weeks!" Lacey said cheerfully at the end.

"Omg we have health together!" I said excitedly, giving her a high five.

"Wow I feel bad for the poor guy, he has the three of us" Finn laughed, spilling some jello.

"It's going to be so much fun" Lacey squealed causing people to stare at our table.

"They're staring" I said uncomfortably with a blush rushing to my face.

"Deal with it" Finn said passively.

"Yeah, he's right" Lacey said agreeing with Finn.

"You guys are mean, I can't wait for class" I said as I gathered garbage to throw away.

"Or a complete nightmare, I hope I get paired up with Finn" Lacey said as she was texting on her phone.

"What if I want Em to be my partner??" He asked sassily.

"The tough, you get me" she said flipping him the middle finger.

"Bitch please" he scoffed, as the bell rang.

"Whoever gets there first saves spots" I said as we got swept up into the mass of people. I even had someone whistle and grab my ass, ew what a pig.

"Okay class, please have a seat I have some explaining" Mr. Wilson said as he casually sat in his desk, he was kind of a hippie type and well really weird. "After attendance we are going to have a discussion about the baby project and watch a video on birth, yay" he said sarcastically while pulling out a class list.

"I'm so going to throw up" Lacey said disgusted by the thought of watching someone give birth.

"I'm sure it's going to be fine" Finn said calmly but with no colour in his face.

"Okay, so today after the video I'm going to list off groups of two that I came up with, and I'd say tomorrow maybe well be getting the babies. This year were doing things a little differently, you and your partner are going to draw a piece of paper and on that it'll have amount and gender then well go from there, any questions??" He said enthusiastically.

"What's the highest amount of kids??" Some girl asked.

"I think it's triplets but there may be only one set of triplets to get" he said after thinking sometime about it. "Okay, let's watch the gift of life" he said after scanning the room for more questions.

Is say that was 15 minutes of complete cruelty, I don't think I ever, ever want to see a vagina like that again. It just didn't look right, mostly with a baby being pushed out if it.

"I threw up" Finn said quietly from his seat.

"Every time I close my eyes, it's just like VAGINA!" I groaned, slamming my head on my desk.

"Okay, I know that that was weird and gross for some people but it's the circle if life and a part that you guys may go though one day." He explained, looking for something on his desk. "I have pairs picked and they go: Charlie and Dustin, Britney and Sam, Gigi and James, Iris and Xavier, Lacey and Finn, Emma and Luke" you could just hear the groans that filled the room when they didn't get with their ideal partner, aka Luke.

"Mr. Wilson, can I switch partners??" I asked sweetly as I felt the glares of the girls and the smirk of Luke.

"It's too late, list is written" he said awkwardly, as the bell went. "We will talk more about this tomorrow!" He called out after us.

"I can't believe you got partnered with Luke!" She squealed jumping around.

"So what, I don't understand what's so good about him and I really don't like him" I said through gritted teeth, storming off to my next class.

"Emma!" I heard her call after me but I just ignored her and kept walking.

~after school~

"Hey Emma" I heard someone yell from behind me somewhere in the parking lot. "Hey" I saw Luke wave as he walked up to me.

"What do you want" I sneered.

"I wanted to talk about the project, I want to help kinda so I can get a good mark" he said while nodding at some guy who walked past.

"Me, you and a baby?? Yeah right" I scoffed walking past him and to my car. "Mom??" I called out as I walked in the front door.

"She's not here" my younger brother Jacob said from the couch.

"Oh, where'd she go??" I asked sitting next to him and resting my legs on his lap.

"Something with Brianna" he said pushing my legs off his lap.

"Okay, is she making dinner??" I asked, taking off my heels.

"I would assume" he shrugged.

"K cool" I said jogging up to my room and changing into my dance clothes.

"Emma, I brought dinner" I heard my moms voice softly from the other side of the door.

"Okay, coming" I said excitedly, rushing out of my room.

"Eat quick, I'll drive you to dance" my mom said as I grabbed my plate.

"Thanks" I said as I stuffed my face before rushing out of the house and to dance.

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