Teenage dirt bag

Eve struggles to cope with the loss of her older brother Luke, but Calum comes along and she finally falls in love.... Does Calum feel the same???!!!!


1. It started with hello


Eve's POV

I walked into the sitting room to find Calum and Ashton. Calum. Calum. Shit what the hell am I wearing. I back out of the room and run upstairs. I throw on my Metallica shirt and vans.

I walk back down the stairs and walked back into the sitting room. 'Take two' I thought to myself. A put on a smile on plopped down right beside Calum.

"Hello" Calum said with the biggest smile on his face!!!!

"Hi" I said it so awkwardly.

I gazed into his deep brown eyes and looked and his plump lips.

It's been 3 months since Luke died and I thought to myself it's time to move on in life. I've been living with Ashton as he basicly is a second bro to me. But then Michael and Calum moved. Calum. FUCKING CALUM WITH HIS SEXY HAIR, EYES, BODY, FACE, LIPS AHHHH EVERYTHING IS SO GORGEOUS!!!!!!!'n Jeezuz eve calm the fuck down!!!!!

Calum's POV

Eve had just walked into the room. Beuatiful as ever. Her long brown hair flowing down and around her shoulder. Her eyes as blue as the ocean. She had the cutest little nose with freckles spread along it. K shut up now. She liked ashton I'm sure of it. She never said it or anythin..... But why else would she move in with him. By the Way I faked being thrown out of my own home so I could move in with her. It has been 2-3 months since Luke died but eve seems to be getting over it. I hope she's ok.......

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