Love Hurts

Shannon and Luke like each other a lot but will Shannon's brother Calum let them fall in love or will he tell his sister the secret


1. Luke πŸ’™β€οΈπŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’›

Shannon's POV

My heart was beating out of my chest as a sat in silence staring at Luke, his eyes so blue and perfect, his hair spiked up at a perfect point, and his face..... I have no words, he's perfection. I've always had a small crush on Luke, but only problem is he doesn't like me ...... Sadly. I guess me and Luke never really talk to each other.

Luke's POV

I was sitting down watching TV when I turned around and Shannon's eyes were glaring into mine as I glared back, I was in love with Shannon, but she wasn't in love with me, TBH she's so hot it's too bad she doesn't know how I feel about her !!! I wonder..... Should I ask her out for a dinner tomorrow night ??? She'll probably say no so there's no point in asking her. OMFG she was still staring at me, I stared back then suddenly...... Bit my lip.....

Shannon's POV

OMFG he just bit his lip ...... I smiled back at him, then suddenly Calum walks in and said "what the hell is going on...... Sis is he hitting on you ???" I quickly replied " What, why would he do that ???" Then Calum answered " because he likes you ....." Then Luke suddenly interrupted and dragged Calum out and Luke start blushing ..... It was gorgeous .........

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