escape // luke hemmings

they were each other's escape from reality

© candywasted 2014


1. ➳


she heard the sounds of leaves cracking, strange she thought. no one has been since her arrival, although it has only been a little over 24 hours. she called out to the mysterious noise wondering who on earth would be walking this way at 6 in the morning. she did of course, but she was running away. it was different, right?

she kept calling out hello, becoming more afraid as the sound got closer. 

through the trees revealed a good looking boy, who looked about her age but way taller than her short self. the boy coughed awkwardly as brooke hadn't realised she had been staring at him for a while. 

hello, she smiled awkwardly. he waved to her and smiled back, more awkwardly than her if possible.

he intoduced himself as luke, and she told him her name as well. he was more than just curious about her name, does it stand for anything, can  i call you brookie, the stanger who's named luke asked brooke.

they spent the next couple hours or so questioning each other to as why and how they both ended up there and turns out they both have just about the same reasons.

both luke and brooke ran away from, "home" as they both put it. it was quite an emotional conversation for two beings who've only known each other for a few hours, very comforting as well. they were both lost and found the nature scene comforting and stayed, and turns out they were just a few  feet from each others.

into the conversation, luke started ranting at brooke about how at least she had parents. they might've pressured her, but at least they were there. brooke realised what luke was saying and infered that his parents were gone, as in gone. she hugged luke for about an hour of so comforting him as he told her stories about when he was a kid and they were still around.

by the end of the day the two strangers convinced each other that running away from where they came from was not the best idea. 

they can't just run away from their problems.

the two agreed on going back, but insisted brooke show him new york stating that he would go home, but he needed time. though he was still a stranger, brooke being the kind soul she is said yes and they're going to make their way out of conneticut and into new york in the morning.


brooke woke up to the sounds of birds chirping and the sunlight on her face. she took a look at her surroundings and found it strange that she was awakening in her car, but her mind filled her memory from the past few days came to mind.

she had run away from home.

and she was to go back to day, with that guy she met, luke.

she was startled by the sound of someone tapping on her window, seeing that it was him she rolled the window down greeting him good morning.

with a huge grin on his face he asked her, 

ready to take the long way home?” 


i've been working with this idea for a while now and idk lol 
i'm basing this on some songs and like i was just really excited but then i realised no one was gonna read it so sigh djsdvdkla 

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