Angel wings (M.C Fanfic)

What if everyone was born with their soulmate's initials on their shoulder blades in the looks of a tattoo? Well that's the life of Berry Annabelle black and her best friend Caitlyn Emily Bronally.
(Michael Clifford fanfic)


3. Day 1: Ugh, School

Berry's POV

I wake up to the sound of Pierce the Veil's Caraphernelia and groan. "Ugh, does it have to be Monday?" I ask no one in particular. I roll out of bed and get dressed while styling my scene hair with extra caution. It was the first day of school and my white with red and black under bangs hair had to be perfect. I put in my pitch black contacts that make my irises look bigger in, and went downstairs to get my bag and meet Luke and Michael outside with Cait. I grabbed my black and red penny board right next to where Cait's blue penny board should be and went outside to see Cait, Luke and Michael talking.

"Hey Berry!" Michael said to my and I waved back while tying my converse. "Let's go!" I yelled while getting onto my penny board and skating down the block with the others behind me laughing. "Why are you so happy?" Luke asked after he caught up to me. "My hair is perfect and I dyed it yesterday." I say with pride. "How'd you get it so white?" Michael asked finally noticing my hair. "By frying it and using 30 developer." I say looking proud. He laughed and continued down the street to the school, also known as Hell hole.

I entered the gates next to Michael and got welcomed by the scent of sweat, floor polish, and the worst of all, people. I went to the office to get my timetable with Michael and Caitlyn and Luke behind us and I saw that Michael and I had all the same classes other than home room! After we all found our classes, we departed to our lockers and got our things. I had the same home room as Cait, so I walked with her to home room and just like the typical first day, the teachers told us most of the rules, the times of when each block starts and ends, and stuff like that.

When first block arrives, I walk to Language arts. My favourite only when we have to write our own stories. Every time I would write some fanfic about my favourite bands and I would always name the main character Xavier. I saw Michael had saved me a seat next to him at the back of the class so I went up to him and sat next to him. The class droned on for 30 minuets until the teacher assigned us a actual fun assignment. We all had to write either a short story, a biography of someone famous, or a essay on a topic we choose. I was known in this class to write a lot so I decided I would write an essay on why music is important and a fanfic about Pierce the Veil's Jaime Preciado. We all had 20 minuets of class left and than I had a free block with Mikey, Cait and Luke so I started to write my fanfic.

After block 4, Michael and I went to the cafeteria where we met up with Cait, Luke and our friend, Calum. Calum, Luke and Michael were in this band where it was all just fun and music. They've done some mini gigs at the local park where like 30-50 people came to watch them, but they've never really gotten a real gif or something like that. I wasn't exactly close to Calum since he was always hitting on me and stuff. Since I liked Michael, I always ignored him.

"Hey Berry, you wanna come and watch our practice tonight?" Calum asked me. "Sure, I got nothing better." I say shrugging.

-time skip until after school-

After school, Michael and I went to his house to start on our homework and then wait for the guys and Cait to come. I was writing my fanfic when Michael suddenly decided to ask me a question. "Berry?" "Mmhm?" I answer looking up at him. "I know I haven't asked this ever since we became friends like 10 years ago but... What're the initials on your shoulder blades...?" He asks wearily and I suddenly freeze, surprised by the question. "Ummm... They're... M.G.C..." I say slowly not knowing what to expect from him. "Did you say M.G.C...? Like, MY initials...?" He says with wide eyes. "Y-yes." I say looking to the ground. "Well, will you go out with me? Berry, I've liked you for a long time but I've never known how to show it, so will you?" He asks with a hopeful look in his eyes. I suddenly gain Courage for some odd reason and look up at him, "I would be a fool to say no." I say then kiss him. He kisses back with just as much passion cupping my face with his hand when suddenly, the doorbell rings and we jump apart. "Shit." Michael mutters and I giggle. He opens the door to the rest of the gang and I quickly pull Cait away from them. "What was that for?!" She says looking at me once we the others were out of earshot. "Michael asked me out!" I say and she silently screams. "Oh my gosh! You're sooo lucky!" She gushes and I explain everything in fine detail and she nods along with excited eyes. After were done, we had to help the guys film a cover so we enter the living room to see the guys setting up for the video.

Once we were done, I waited until everyone left to talk to Michael. "Umm Mikey?" I ask. "Yeah?" "Who's initials are on your shoulder blades?" I ask worried they're not mine. "Only the most special girl in my whole life who I've know for 10 years and is now mine." He says with a bright smile and I hug him. "Goodbye." I say after the hug. "Awe, is a hug all I get?" Michael says pouting. "Fine." I say smiling and go to kiss him. Right when our lips meet, Michael grabs me by the waist and carries me up the stairs to his room while I'm whining for him to put me down. "Why don't you stay the night?" He asks and I finally give in. We cuddle for a while and I fall asleep in his arms while he was singing "If in James Dean, then you're Aubrey Hepburn." By Sleeping with sirens to me.

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