Angel wings (M.C Fanfic)

What if everyone was born with their soulmate's initials on their shoulder blades in the looks of a tattoo? Well that's the life of Berry Annabelle black and her best friend Caitlyn Emily Bronally.
(Michael Clifford fanfic)


2. Caitlyn Emily Bronally

Hi! My name is Caitlyn but you can call me Cait or Cat if you want. I live in Australia with my best friend Berry and I am currently in a band. We haven't gotten a cool name yet but were working on it. We always come up with new weird names at every gig we play. I'm currently single and Cushing on our neighbour, Luke. He's soooo cute! I'm currently 16 turning 17 in a few months just like Berry.

That's it so, byeeee

P.S my soul mate's initials are the same as Luke's!!!!!!!!! Don't tell anyone, especially Berry!

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