Back to Wonderland

What happens when everyone things Alice has lost her mind? will there be anyone to save her.
This is my idea if there is any like this i don't know nothing about it.


5. The White Rabbit

In the courtyard there were three orderlies in white scrubs and six patients in blue. The orderlies were all men but different heights and body structures. The tallest was about 6'2 with jet black hair combed to the side. He looked about 35 years old and was very scrawny with a bit of muscular definition. The second one standing in front of the first chatting had chestnut hair and stubble outlined his jaw. He looked to be 5'9 and he was buff. The last wore glasses over his green eyes and his blonde hair was spiked. He couldn't be any taller than 5'8 and he didn't have any more muscle than I do. Even though the orderlies looked different the patients all looked the same. Oily ragged hair, glassy eyes and pale skin. I shivered when I notice that one of the male patients looking about 52 staring straight at me. I walked over to the opposite side of the court and sat in the grass under a tall oak tree. I leaned back and watched Milly walk over to the other  orderlies and offer them a smoke. I lifted my head up and watched the sun stream through the dark leaves of the tree. I closed my eyes and breathed in the cool breeze. After a while I had a feeling something was watching me. I opened my eyes and noticed that the strange man was staring down at me with wonderment. I shrank back with terror and tried to muffle a yelp. But then I noticed, unlike the others his eyes wasn't clouded up with the effect of the blue pills. "You didn't take the pills either did you." It wasn't a question because I knew he didn't see the same grey clouds in my eyes either. I shook my head. He sat beside of me and stretched out his hand. "I'm Greg." I didn't take his hand and he placed it back to his side. We just sat there in an awkward silence until I seen something rustle in a nearby bush. I turn to look at Greg to make sure he seen it to, but he's just looking up into the deep blue sky. Without saying a word I get u and venture over to the square shaped bush. When I'm two feet away a little white rabbit hops out. It stares at me with its little beady eyes for a minute before taking off towards the door that lead me out here. I sprint after it, but when I reach the door Milly and the tall guy grab me by the shoulders to try and stop me. " Didn't you see it! It was the white rabbit! I'm not crazy there it is!", I yelled at them trying to break free of  there grasp. While I'm trying to get loose, I see the blonde orderly take out a walkie talkie and says something into the speaker. In an instant two big men come in with a syringe. When they come closer I try to kick the one on the left in the stomach, but he quickly grabs my legs. He holds my legs down and I start to cry. I seen it clear as day. I did. The other man comes and sticks the needle into my right hip. My crying turns into a whimper as I start to lose consciousness.

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