Back to Wonderland

What happens when everyone things Alice has lost her mind? will there be anyone to save her.
This is my idea if there is any like this i don't know nothing about it.


3. The Hall of Mirrors

I'm walking through a bright white hallway. There's a mist that rolls up the side of my legs but never going past my waist.I look down and I have all white on. I round the corner and am met with a hall of mirrors. At the very end of the hall is the biggest of the mirrors. It's a big, oval shaped mirror with a brass frame. It's about four feet long and three feet wide and the surface of the mirror is producing small ripples. I walk down the long corridor and it feels as though I'm walking through molasses. When I finally reach the end of the hall I gaze through the mirror. There standing in front of me is the White Queen. "Help me."  

I shoot up from bed. Bed? When I went to sleep I was in a padded room. I looked around quizzically as I wonder how I got there. I notice that the bed is the only piece of furniture in the whole room. Why am i dreaming of Wonderland? That's the whole reason I'm in the dump. Without warning a woman orderly opens the door. It's the same person who gave me the pill. "Hiya hun.", she says cheerfully. " We moved you here while you was sleeping. It's easier. My name is Milly. Do you need to use the bathroom? They should bring your dinner soon.". At least that explains how I got here, I nod my head and follow Milly out of the room. The hallways have white and blue tiles and the ceiling is also white with a blue streak on the right side. We make it to the women's restroom and Milly waits out side the door. " Be quick hun, they don't like us to leave you unassisted." "I'm not crazy.", I tell her as I walk angrily into the restroom. In the restroom is three blue stalls, three cream sinks, and one long brass framed mirror. It's the same one from my dream. I walk up to it half expecting the White Queen to be there when I peer in. Nothing out of the ordinary. Just a dull old mirror. I go to the sink and wash my face. Maybe I am crazy.

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