Back to Wonderland

What happens when everyone things Alice has lost her mind? will there be anyone to save her.
This is my idea if there is any like this i don't know nothing about it.


2. Padded Walls

"GET ME OUT OF HERE!". I seem to be screaming for days. I'm not crazy I'm not. I have proof, I really do. Just before I left the Hatter gave me his handkerchief. It's made of violet silk with a little gold hat in the right corner. I slump to the floor all of my hope flushed away. My mother. My own mother did this to me. Even when I showed her the clothe she didn't believe me. How could you do this to a person? "Please let me out.", I whisper as I silently cry myself to sleep. I wake up to voices outside my room."Yeah she's totally bonkers.", I hear a males voice say. I. Am.Not.Crazy." It's not her fault I heard that she fell from a tree at the Crewards house. Bumped her head nearly off she did.", that was a females voice. " Well let's see how our humpty dumpty is doing now." I hear the man slide a key into the lock and twists it roughly. I stand straight up as they come into the room and back up a few steps."Come here.", the man says rudely. I take timid steps closer to him. I must have been to slow because suddenly he grabs my wrist and slings me forward. Who does he think I am? Does he think he's better than me because i'm perceived as "crazy"? If I weren't in this hellhole I'd show him a thing or two."Here you go sweety.", the woman says with a sweet expression on her face. Maybe these people are the crazy ones. "What's this?", I say as i stare into a small white cup with a big blue pill in it. " Shut up and take it.", the man orders. I swear I need to leave here before I get charged with murder. The two orderlies watch me until I take the pill. After I swallow the woman tells me to open my mouth. " To see if you're not tricking us.", she explains. When they're finished harassing me, they leave and the man makes sure the door is locked tight." Will I ever escape this place?", I wonder as I slump back against the soft padded wall. After a minute or two the drug takes affect. Whatever they gave me is making me feel lightheaded and very drowsy. Before I start to panic, my head falls back and I'm out like a light.

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