Back to Wonderland

What happens when everyone things Alice has lost her mind? will there be anyone to save her.
This is my idea if there is any like this i don't know nothing about it.


4. Back to 021

I walk out the bathroom and Milly is against the wall with her arms crossed impatiently. 'Hurry dinner is about to be served.' She grabs my hand and we walk in a fast pace to get back to my room. As I go into the room I notice a number on the side of the room reads 021. "Milly," I utter out before she shuts the heavy metal door. ", why is there a mirror in the bathroom." " What do you mean?" " If this is a mental institute wouldn't you worry I don't know, someone will break the mirror or something",I asked. "It doesn't matter it's just a mirror hun.", she tells me like I'm a child before shutting the door. People these days so hard to get information out of them. About ten minutes later another orderly comes in with potatoes and something in the shape of a meat patty. Next to the "meal" is another blue cup with the meds and a foam cup of water. The orderly tells me to take the pills and waits till I've drank the water to leave. As soon as he closes the door I take the pills out from under my tongue. Now I just have to wonder where to put them.I look around the room and find nothing but bare walls. Even the bed as one white sheet and a pillow with no case on it. I roll my eyes up to the ceiling and flop down on the bed. That's when I notice an air vent in the top left corner of the room. I drag my bed directly under it, stuff the pills in the dusty cracks, and move my bed back before someone comes in. Now for the food. At least now we all know where the school gets it's idea of food from. I pick up the plastic spoon and poke at the mystery meat. I'm pretty sure it moved. The mash potatoes were edible and after I managed to choke them down, Milly came yet again to take me to the court yard.

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