Elizabeth Shadow

Mother of Enla and Emma and many others. But who was she before that?

Cover Credit to awesome: Crow of Shadownight


1. Wandered.

Dear Journal,    December 9 1500
                                       👆  (For humans)


  Me and Chris had a baby. Her name is Elizabeth. We couldn't keep her. It was too dangerous. We had to take her to the beach. Someone would find her. And take her in. I'm going to miss her. My little fairy. My little angel. But her wings will turn black, I'm afraid. She can be any race she wants to be. She's my shifter. And I'm also afraid, I'll never get to see that. I'm not going to heaven. I knew that from the start. Well goodbye, journal. You've always been there for me. Goodbye. Elizabeth will keep you. 

Always your companion,
Willow Shadow


Welcome, Elizabeth. I'm your mother's companion. Her journal. I'll take care of you...


Ten years later....

Hi. I'm Elizabeth. My mother is Jessy. My father is Josh. My mother is going to tell me important news today! And give me a present!!!! Yay!!!!!

"Elizabeth! This is bad news.." My mother called. "Elizabeth...now don't feel upset." My father sat me down. "What?" I asked, curiously. "I-I.... Josh, I can't say this." My mother started crying. "Elizabeth, she means...we're not your parents." My senses spiked up. I froze. 
I wanted to scream. 

   Of course, that was six years ago. I'm now sixteen. And oh boy, I thought my life would be ok back then. God was I wrong! So yeah. Lets get to the gist. I'm not human. I have wings. No, I'm not a SkyLander. Like my fellow 'nice' classmates. I'm Imulan. And it's awesome. I go to a in-human-race-wide school. As much as I can say about my self, I still get called nothing.  Shoot. I have to go to school. 

Owner of you,
Elizabeth Shadow

I don't like headings. 

This isn't a diary book. 

Here, I'll tell my story. 


   "Hey Lizzy! Wanna get dizzy?!" Samantha, my bully, laughed as she sneered at me and punched me. "Woah! Nice, Sam!" Her companion, Data snickered. "I'm glad I'm a joke!" I mumbled as I grabbed my books and try to squeeze by people to go to my class. 

I like listening to human's music. Especially the song Amnesia. I wish I could be the girl in the song. I'd actually love someone. And they'll except me. But that would never happen. Unless I thought I wouldn't. 


should I skip to her adulthood?

i think I shall. So I will

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