Elizabeth Shadow

Mother of Enla and Emma and many others. But who was she before that?

Cover Credit to awesome: Crow of Shadownight


9. The Hushed Talk


       I walked out to the backyard to see Data. He knew I was there but ignored me.

"Data, listen I-"

"Go. Just go, Elizabeth. You mustn't love me after what I did."

"But I do," I came closer to him and kissed his cheek. "I have always wanted a man to yell at me like that. Now I know you truly love me."

There was this silence. I was used to that. It was a sign I lost him. I slowly let a tear down as two sun began to go down. As if he read my mind, he surprised me.

He grinned as he slowly placed his lips upon mine and put his arms around my waist. Everything was perfect until-

'God, can't you just love children?'

"Hey, Mother I-" Enla said before shimmering a bucket and throwing up after seeing me and Data kiss. Key'yen came out to see what was going on and he too had to ran inside to throw up.

I laughed and hugged Data. "I should go."

"Well you could stay! I have another room!" He stumbled out. "Of course." I smiled.




In my room,

I was staring out into a beautiful sunset. 'More beautiful than back at home', I thought. Even if I didn't know where home was, 'I could get used to this.'




  "I miss you, Elizabeth." Whispered my true mother's voice. "You'll be alright, he'll love you."

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