Elizabeth Shadow

Mother of Enla and Emma and many others. But who was she before that?

Cover Credit to awesome: Crow of Shadownight


5. The Dinner Fight


"Holy shit." My wonderful daughter Enla said. "KEY'YEN, DATA IS YOUR FRACKING FATHER?!" My eyes widened. "What?!" I yelled. "YOU-" "Hi mom, lets not kill anyone like last time." My other daughter Rosea said about to reopen her eyes and saw Data. 

"WHATTHEFUCK?!?!?!" She screamed. "Silent?" Luna hugged Rosea. "Oh yeah hi. One sec I'm 'bout to kill your father!!!!!" She lunged at him but my other daughter Kyna held her back. "My god, *Mary*!!! I'm the youngest! I should be about to hurt someone!!!" Kyna yelled. 
And then that's when everyone else started yelling, except me. 

My face was burning, I wanted to scream. I tried to say something, but the fact I used to be Queen, I couldn't speak with someone else talking! 

My eyes turned red, I was truly angry. No one noticed except Data.

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