Elizabeth Shadow

Mother of Enla and Emma and many others. But who was she before that?

Cover Credit to awesome: Crow of Shadownight


7. Screaming

"EVERYONE STOP!" I screamed on the top of my lungs that even the gods and demons could hear. "SHUT IT!" Everyone silenced. "ROSEA, YOU WERE RAISED IN A KINGDOM, HELL ALL OF YOU WERE, WAS THAT NOT ENOUGH TO TEACH YOU MANNERS?!" I yelled. "I guess not. Data, why fight your son, 'tis a mistake to you? Hate him, you? He's your SON. Your child. And...if you can't even love him, and only your daughter, why should I respect you? Why am I even here? Why?" Data's jaw was open, and kept on closing. He was surprised. My eyes slowly turned back into green. "How the..." Luna whispered. "Fine! If you can't love me because I hate my son, fine!" Data yelled back as he stormed out of the room and out to his backyard. "I'm sorry..." Enla apologized. "For yelling." Both Kyna and Rosea said together. 
"I should go find him." I said as I quickly walked outside and to the backyard. 


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