Elizabeth Shadow

Mother of Enla and Emma and many others. But who was she before that?

Cover Credit to awesome: Crow of Shadownight


2. Adulthood


Ok. Years after the hell of school, I survived. But through that I had to, changed EVERYTHING about the way I looked, my personality and schools. Now I'm a artist. A perfection artist. 

So now I will stop narrating and start doing things I guess. 


  I stood up from my bed. I was so tired. I slowly got dressed. 'I'll go to the park' I decided. I couldn't wait to get out of my apartment. I HATED my apartment. 
So I ran out, wearing a beautiful dress. It was black. With lace sleeves, and collar. It looked stunning against my pale skin and black hair. 

  I slowly strolled the park and sat at the fountain. Now, like my daughter's books, this will mostly be about me and my love. 

And then that's when I saw HIM. He looked handsome. I looked at him and our eyes found eachother's. But I looked away, blushing. So he came over. "H-hi." He whispered. "Are you afraid?" I asked looking up to him. "N-no!" He said blushing a little. "Then why are you having trouble speaking? Do you have trouble at English? Should I get a translator?" I asked getting up. "No! I-I I'm fine. Sit back down." he said gesturing to the bench as he sat down as well. "Well what's your name then?" I asked sitting down. "Data." He smiled. "I'm Elizabeth." He looked past me and frowned. "I'm sorry," he said getting up," you must be getting back to your lover." He left. "Data! No! I-I'm not with anyone, finally." "Then can I do this?" He asked, coming back to kiss my cheek, and he did. "I-I-I uh-" I blushed so hard. "Are you afraid, Elizabeth?" "I-I..." I fished out a paper with my phone number on it, gave it to him and quickly backwards walked away. "I-uh should go! Bye!" "Bye, Elizabeth!" I turned back around to see him gone. 

I sighed. When I got home, as soon as I got home, I got a call. 

"Hello, Elizabeth it's Data."
"Oh hi!"
"So...why call?"
"I wanted to see you..."
Small pause
"Come anytime tomorrow."
"Any time?"
"Alright. See you at 1."
"Kay. Bye."
And then I hung up. I smiled. I loved his voice. 

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