1. Chapter 1

I believe that everyone has an ideal suspect of life. Whether it be to be popular and rich. Or it be to have a better life. But I know we got the life we have for a reason. I don't know what yet, but I try thinking it's for a good reason. My name is Addison, I'm 17 years old, I'm an only child, and my dad died when I was 6. When my dad died, things got horrible. We couldn't afford food, or a house, or anything. We lived in our car, just me and my mom. After a few years things got a little better. My mom got a good paying job and rented and apartment in Paris, France. (Not the cheapest place I know. But we couldn't afford to leave). *BackFlash*When I was five I begged my daddy to take me to Paris, and being his baby girl, he took me. While we were there he ended up finding a very good paying job, and we decided to move there. His job was hauling logs, but one day a drunk driver hit the truck and it flipped off the road crushing the truck and my father.*EndOfBackFlash* We finally had our life in order when I got cancerous tumors on my brain. That took a turn for the worse. My mom spent a lot of her hard earned money to get me treated. While we were away for treatment my mom met a guy. Sweet and innocent to the eye. After a few months he invited me and my mom to move in with him. And a few more months later he proposed. After they were wed. He changed to a totally different person who didn't want me.

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