The Lucky Man

*This story is writen like a script* Niall wishes that he can have a girlfriend. So to cheer him up Harry and Zayn brought home Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. That only keeps him happy for so long. Danielle, Eleanor, and Selena go to find Niall the perfect girl. *I'm sorry if it is horrible, I wrote it when I was in the 6th grade*


3. The End

****The Girls****

Danielle: Liam (on the phone)

Liam:Yes,  honey?

Danielle: Don't tell Niall, but we got him Debby Ryan.

Liam: He is going to love that.

Danielle: I know.

Liam: Hey, I have to go-

Louis: Zayn. Put it down!

Zayn: Since when did you start caring?

Danielle: Whats-

Harry: Zayn drop it!

Zayn: I'm not a dog.

Danielle: Whats going on?

Liam: Zayn is smoking again.

Niall: Zayn, stop you could die!

Zayn: Shutup! All of you! (waving it around)

Justin: Hey! Watch where you're waving that.

Danielle: Well I'm going to go. Good luck with Zayn.

Liam: Yeah, thanks.

Danielle: Okay, bye.

Liam: Danielle, wait.

Danielle: Yes, Liam?

Liam: I am really sorry for treating you badly.

Danielle: Its okay. Don;t worry about it.

Liam: No seriously.

Danielle: Liam, I have to go.

Liam: i love you for real this time.

Danielle: I-I have to go. (hangs up the phone)

Eleanor: We're here.

Selena: Yeah there she is.

Debby: (gets in the car) So, where is Niall?

Selena: Niall is at home with the others.

Debby: So, where is home?

Selena: A couple blocks from here, so stop asking questions. It's annoying.

Debby: Okay.

****Back Home****

Eleanor: We are here finally!! 

Selena; Yes! Take that Demi!

Debby: What about Demi?

Eleanor: You sure do ask a lot of questions.

Selena: Yeah. We ran here over.

Debby: Oh.

(Everyone gets out of the car but Danielle)

Eleanor: Danielle are you coming?

Danielle: Yeah. Liam said he loves me.

Eleanor: Oh my gosh! Do you love him back?

Danielle: Yeah, but I didn't tell him.

Eleanor: Come inside and tell him. (walking with Danielle to the door.

Selena: (knocks on the door) Hello?

Louis: (opens the door) You guys are back!!

Eleanor: Yes we are. (gives Louis a kiss) I missed you.

Louis: I missed you too. (takes her to his room)

Selena: Niall, she is for you.

Niall: Who? (looks at Debby) Oh why hello!

Debby: You're funny.

Niall:  I know (takes her to his room)

Selena: (walks up behind Justin and hugs him) Miss me?

Justin: No, not really.

Selena: Fine then take me home.

Justin: Okay. (the both of them leave)

Danielle: Liam you really love me?

Liam: Yes I do.

Danielle: I love you too.

Liam: (grabs her hand and pulls her to sit with him on the couch and starts kissing her)

Harry: Guys we are still her.

(Liam and Danielle both ignore him)

Zayn: Wow.

Harry: What?

Zayn: We are the only ones who don't have a girl. 

Harry: I know.

 Zayn: Niall, Louis and Liam all turn out to be The Lucky Man.

Harry: What do you mean?

Zayn: They get the girl.

Harry: Don't worry. (leans in and kisses Zayn) I have always wanted to do that.

Zayn: Me too. (kisses him back)


                                                                                 THE END

 (A/N I started a part 2 but I only have a page and I don't know if I should continue)


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